Otto Nathan

Otto Nathan (1893–1987) was an economist who taught at Princeton University (1933–35), New York University (1935–42), Vassar College (1942–44), and Howard University (1946-52).

Nathan was a close friend of Albert Einstein for many years and was designated by Einstein as co-trustee of his literary estate with Helen Dukas.


Otto Nathan was the author of the following books:

  • Nazi War Finance and Banking Our Economy in War. Cambridge, Massachusetts: National Bureau of Economic Research, 1944. Paperback: ASIN B000J0VXBG
  • The Nazi Economic System: Germany's Mobilization for War. New York: Russell & Russell, 1971. Hardcover textbook: ISBN 0-8462-1501-2, ISBN 978-0-8462-1501-1
  • Einstein on Peace. Albert Einstein; Otto Nathan and Heinz Norden, editors and translators. Preface by Bertrand Russell. Editions:


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