Oscura Mountains

Oscura Mountains, originally known to the Spanish as the Sierra Oscura, are a ridge of mountains, trending north and south, east of the Jornada del Muerto and west of the Tularosa Valley. It is located in Socorro County and Lincoln County, New Mexico.[1] Their highest elevation is Oscura Peak at 8,625 feet / 2,629 meters.[2] Its southern end is at 33°30′30″N 106°18′45″W and its north end is at 33°49′15″N 106°22′20″W near North Oscura Peak.[1]

The Oscura Mountains lie northwest of the lower lying Little Burro Mountains divided by the Oscura Gap. The San Andres Mountains lie beyond the Little Burro Mountains to the southwest divided from them by Mockingbird Gap. The Range is bounded on the north by Wash Hale Canyon, on the northeast by the Chupadera Mesa and on the east by the Tularosa Valley.[1]


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