Orson Welles bibliography

This is a bibliography of books by or about the director and actor Orson Welles.

Books by Orson Welles

Shakespeare studies

  • Hill, Roger and Welles, Orson (eds.). Everybody's Shakespeare. Woodstock, Illinois: Todd Press, 1934. (omnibus volume and three separate volumes, with abridged and annotated scripts of The Merchant of Venice, Julius Caesar and Twelfth Night)
  • Welles, Orson, and Hill, Roger (eds.). The Mercury Shakespeare. New York: Harper & Row, 1939. (revised version of the above; omnibus volume and three separate volumes, with abridged and annotated scripts of The Merchant of Venice, Julius Caesar and Twelfth Night)
  • Welles, Orson, and Hill, Roger (eds.). The Mercury Shakespeare: Macbeth. New York: Harper & Row, 1941.

Scripts and screenplays


  • Welles, Orson. Miracle à Hollywood, et À Bon Entendeur . Paris: Gallimard, 1952. (two plays, [The Unthinking Lobster, and Fair Warning], only published in French)
  • Welles, Orson. Moby Dick—Rehearsed. London: Samuel French, Inc., 1965. ISBN 0-573-61242-0 (play).
  • France, Richard (ed.), Welles, Orson. Orson Welles on Shakespeare: The W.P.A. and Mercury Theatre Playscripts. New York: Greenwood Press, 1990. ISBN 9780313273346 (scripts of 1930s Welles abridgments of Macbeth, Julius Caesar and Five Kings)
  • Tarbox, Todd (ed.); Hill, Roger and Welles, Orson. Marching Song: A Play. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield, 2019. ISBN 978-1538125526 (first publication of an unperformed play, written in 1932)

Radio plays

  • Welles, Orson. His Honor—The Mayor. New York: The Free Company, 1941. (script of radio play broadcast April 6, 1941)


Novels and short stories

  • Welles, Orson and others. The Lives of Harry Lime. London: Pocket Books, 1952. (short stories)
  • Welles, Orson. Une Grosse Légume. Paris: Gallimard, 1953. (novel ghostwritten by Maurice Bessy, only published in French)
  • Welles, Orson. Mr. Arkadin. Paris: Gallimard, 1954. (novel ghostwritten by Maurice Bessy, subsequently translated into English)



  • Tarbox, Todd. Orson Welles and Roger Hill: A Friendship in Three Acts. Albany, Georgia: BearManor Media, 2013. ISBN 1-59393-260-X
  • Biskind, Peter (ed.), Jaglom, Henry. My Lunches With Orson: Conversations Between Henry Jaglom and Orson Welles. New York: Metropolitan Books (Henry Holt and Company), 2013. ISBN 9780805097252


  • Welles, Orson. Les Bravades. New York: Workman, 1996. ISBN 0-7611-0595-6
  • Braund, Simon (ed). Orson Welles portfolio: Sketches and drawings from the Welles estate. Titan Books, 2019. ISBN 9781789090321

Books about Orson Welles


  • Bessy, Maurice. Orson Welles: An investigation into his films and philosophy. Crown, 1971. (abridged translation of French-language biography, first published in Paris in 1963)
  • Brady, Frank. Citizen Welles: A Biography of Orson Welles. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1989. ISBN 0-385-26759-2
  • Callow, Simon. Orson Welles: The Road to Xanadu. London: Jonathan Cape, 1995; New York: Viking, 1996. ISBN 0-670-86722-5 (biography covering 1915–41)
  • ______________. Orson Welles, Volume 2: Hello Americans. London: Jonathan Cape, 2006; New York: Viking, 2006. ISBN 0-670-87256-3 (biography covering 1941–47)
  • ______________. Orson Welles, Volume 3: One-Man Band. London: Jonathan Cape, 2015; New York: Viking, 2016. ISBN 9780670024919 (biography covering 1947–65)
  • ______________. Orson Welles, Volume 4. (forthcoming 2019 biography covering 1965–85)[1]
  • Feeney, F. X.. Orson Welles: Power, Heart and Soul. Raleigh, North Carolina: The Critical Press, 2015. ISBN 978-1941629086
  • Fowler, Roy Alexander. Orson Welles: A First Biography. London: Pendulum Publications, 1946.
  • Heylin, Clinton. Despite the System: Orson Welles Versus the Hollywood Studios. Chicago Review Press, 2005. ISBN 1-55652-547-8
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  • Thomson, David. Rosebud: The Story of Orson Welles. New York: Vintage, 1997. ISBN 978-0679772835
  • Valentinetti, Claudio M. Orson Welles. Florence: La Nuova Italia, 1980. (in Italian)
  • Visdei, Anca. Orson Welles. Éditions de Fallois, 2015. (in French)
  • Whaley, Bart. Orson Welles: the man who was magic. Ebook, 2011.

Studies of Citizen Kane (1941)

  • Berthomé, Jean-Pierre and Thomas, François. Citizen Kane. Paris: Flammarion, 1992. (in French)
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  • ____________. Citizen Kane: A Filmmaker’s Journey. New York: Thomas Dunne Books, 2016. ISBN 9781250077530[2]
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  • Pizzitola, Louis. Hearst over Hollywood: Power, passion and propaganda in the movies. Columbia University Press, 2002. ISBN 978-0231116466
  • Roy, Jean. Citizen Kane [de] Orson Welles: étude critique. Paris: Nathan, 1989. (in French)
  • Walsh, John Evangelist. Walking Shadows: Orson Welles, William Randolph Hearst and Citizen Kane. Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press, 2004.

Studies of other individual Welles films

Too Much Johnson (unfinished, 1938)

  • Studer, Massimiliano. Alle origini di Quarto potere. Too Much Johnson: il film perduto di Orson Welles. Milano: Mimesis editore, 2018. (about the unfinished film Too Much Johnson). In Italian language

It's All True (unfinished, 1942)

  • Benamou, Catherine L. It's All True: Orson Welles's Pan-American Odyssey. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2007. (about the unfinished film It's All True)

The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)

  • Carringer, Robert. The Magnificent Ambersons: a Reconstruction. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993. ISBN 0-520-07857-8
  • Perkins, V. F. The Magnificent Ambersons. London: BFI, 1999.

The Stranger (1946)

  • Strobel, Ricarda. Propagandafilm und Melodrama: Untersuchungen zu Alfred Hitchcocks "Lifeboat" und Orson Welles' "The Stranger". Berlin: Eissenschaftler-verlag, 1984. (in German)

Othello (1952)

  • Del Ministro, Maurizio. Othello di Welles. Rome: Bulzoni, 2000. (about Othello) (in Italian)
  • Mac Liammóir, Micháel. Put Money in Thy Purse: The Making of Orson Welles's Othello. London: Methuen, 1952. (revised edition in 1978)

Don Quixote (unfinished, 1955-73)

  • Cobos, Juan, and Esteve Riambau. Don Quijote: páginas del guión cinematográfico de Orson Welles. Madrid: Asociación de Directores de Escena de España, 1992. (about the unfinished film Don Quixote) (in Spanish)
  • Sciortino, Sigismondo Domenico. Don Chisciotte e il Cinema (dell')Invisibile. Rome: La Camera Verde, 2013. (about the unfinished film Don Quixote) (in Italian)

Touch of Evil (1957)

  • Comito, Terry (ed.). Touch of Evil. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 1985. (screenplay with literary criticism)

The Trial (1962)

  • Trias, Jean-Phillipe. Le Procès d'Orson Welles. Paris: Cahiers du cinéma / CNDP, 2005. (about The Trial) (in French)

Chimes at Midnight (1965)

  • Gellert Lyons, Bridget (ed.) Welles, Orson. Chimes at Midnight. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 1988.
  • Riambau, Esteve. Las cosas que hemos visto: Welles y Falstaff. Luces de Gálibo, 2015. (in Spanish)

The Deep (unfinished, 1967-70)

  • Kovačić, Duško and Rafaelić Daniel. Orson Welles in Hvar (in Croatian)

F for Fake (1973)

  • Thieme, Claudia. F for Fake and the Growth in Complexity of Orson Welles' Documentary Form. New York: Peter Lang, 1997.

The Other Side of the Wind (unfinished, 1970-6; posthumously completed, 2018)

  • Gosetti, Giorgio (ed.). The Other Side of the Wind. Locarno, Switzerland: Cahiers du cinéma/ Locarno Film Festival, 2005. ISBN 9782866424329
  • Karp, Josh. Orson Welles's Last Movie: The Making of The Other Side of the Wind. New York: St. Martin's Press, 2015. ISBN 9781250007087

Studies of multiple Welles films

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Studies of Welles's theatre work

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Studies of Welles's radio work

  • Cantril, Hadley. The Invasion From Mars: A Study in the Psychology of Panic. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1940. OCLC 171781
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Memoirs prominently featuring Welles

  • Anderson, Arthur, An Actor's Odyssey: Orson Welles to Lucky the Leprechaun. Albany: BearManor Media, 2010. ISBN 1-59393-522-6.
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Written fiction featuring Welles as a character

Graphic novels

  • Camus, David and Abadzis, Nick. The Cigar That Fell In Love With a Pipe: Featuring Orson Welles & Rita Hayworth. SelfMadeHero, New York, 2014.





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