Orson Welles (crater)

Orson Welles is an impact crater in the Coprates quadrangle of Mars, located at 0.2° S and 45.9° W. It is 124.5 kilometers in diameter and was named after Orson Welles (1915–1985), an American radio and motion picture actor and director. He is famous for, among other things, his radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells in which Martians invade Earth.[1] The layers and the clay minerals found in Orson Welles Crater are evidence that it once contained a lake.

Orson Welles (crater)
Orson Welles, as seen by HiRISE. Layered, light-toned rocks seem to be under a dark mantling material. Layers may be sandstone, volcanic ash, or lakebed deposits.
Coordinates0.2°S 45.9°W / -0.2; -45.9
Diameter124.5 km
EponymOrson Welles

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