Oromocto High School

Oromocto High School (OHS) is a high school located in Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada. It is the third largest school in the Anglophone West School District (ASD-W) which contains 69 institutions and around 23 000 students total1. OHS is the source of education for about 1032 of those students, with between 1000-1100 annually2. Oromocto High School is also the location for the Oromocto Education Centre which looks over different schools within ASD-W within Oromocto and the surrounding area. The principal is Jeff Holder, vice-principals are Darla Day, Maxine McConnell, and Kevin Inch3.

Oromocto High School
The school logo from 2009.
25 MacKenzie Avenue

New Brunswick
E2V 1K4

TypePublic High School
MottoFinis Coronat Laborem
("The End Crowns the Work")
PrincipalJeff Holder
Age range14-20
Color(s)Blue and Gold         

General Information

OHS is currently the 6th largest school in the province of New Brunswick as of fall 2017 (when looking specifically at enrollment rates)4. The school is home to a mandatory grade nine physical education program which includes activities such as 20-minute runs, weight training/lifting in its grade A weight room, square-dancing, and recreational sports (volleyball, badminton, basketball, etc.).

OHS is also the only high school in the province of New Brunswick which offers all NBIAA Sports to students. It is also home to an AP Psychology class with one of the highest success rates in the country. The school also offers a variety of clubs and groups with some that meet during or after school ranging in many topics: mathematics, trivia, drama, LGBT issues, anime, robotics, etc.

The Building

Oromocto High School was built in 1965 with additions added in 1976. The building has sixty-four classrooms, a double gym, seven computer labs, a physics lab, a chemistry lab, a greenhouse with flowers on the roof, and a 350-seat "Teaching Theatre" that was newly remodelled used for plays, lectures by guest speakers, and district drama festivals. There are also three biology labs, a media resource centre, an automotive technology laboratory, and a welding room. There are also three courtyards that are used for outdoor classes, BBQ's, or as a sitting area during lunch hour in the warmer months.

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