In Greek mythology, Ornytion (Ancient Greek: Ὀρνύτιων) or Ornytus (Ὄρνυτος)[1] was a son of Sisyphus, brother of Glaucus, Almus and Thersander, and father of Phocus and Thoas.[2]

A scholiast on Euripides relates of him that he came from Aonia to join the people of Hyampolis in the battle against the Opuntian Locrians over Daphnus and won himself the kingdom, which he handed over to Phocus and returned to Corinth with his other son Thoas, who later succeeded him.[3]

Ornytion or Ornytus was also the name of his grandson (the son of Phocus), who in his turn was the father of Naubolus.[1][4]


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