Original 16 WCT Bonspiel

The Original 16 WCT Bonspiel is an annual bonspiel, or curling tournament, that takes place at the Calgary Curling Club in Calgary, Alberta. The tournament is one of the development series events introduced on the World Curling Tour during the 2012–13 curling season. The tournament is held in a round robin format. The tournament was started in 2012 as part of the World Curling Tour.

Calgary CC
Location in Canada

Past champions

Only skip's name is displayed.

Year Winning team Runner up team Purse (CAD)
2012 Steve Petryk Robert Schlender$22,000
2013 Kim Chang-min Thomas Scoffin$24,800
2014[1] Brock Virtue Robert Schlender$21,000
2015 Charley Thomas Thomas Scoffin$15,200
2016[2] Carl deConinck Smith Steffen Walstad$15,000
2017[3] Kurt Balderston Tom Brewster$24,000
2018[4] Ted Appelman James Pahl$25,000
2019[5] Jeremy Harty Daylan Vavrek$25,000


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