Order of Merit of Berlin

The Order of Merit of Berlin (German: Verdienstorden des Landes Berlin) is this highest award of the German State of Berlin. Awarded in the name of the Senate of Berlin, the order had recognized outstanding contributions to the State of Berlin since 21 July 1987. Awarded each year on 1 October, the anniversary of the Berlin Constitution, the order is limited to no more than 400 living recipients.[1] As of 2016 the order had been awarded 431 times, to 152 women and 279 men.[2]

Decoration of Merit
Awarded by the Senate of Berlin
TypeCivil order of merit
Established21 July 1987
Awarded forOutstanding contributions to the state of Berlin
Grand MasterMichael Müller
Total inductees431

Ribbon bar of the order

Design of the order

The Order of Merit of Berlin is awarded in a single class. The badge of the order is a white enamel Maltese cross edged in red. In the center of the cross is a depiction of the golden crowned Coat of arms of Berlin surrounded by a gold wreath. It is worn around the neck on a white ribbon with red edges.[3]

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