Orazio Orlando

Orazio Orlando (14 June 1933 18 December 1990) was an Italian film, stage and television actor.

Orazio Orlando
Born(1933-06-14)14 June 1933
Died18 December 1990(1990-12-18) (aged 57)

Life and career

Born in Naples, Orlando attended the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome for two seasons, in 1953-54 and in 1954-55, without graduating.[1] He made his debut at 18, with the stage company of Renzo Ricci, along with Giorgio Albertazzi and Anna Proclemer.[1][2] His first important participation was in Shakespeare's King Lear, in 1955.[2] In 1958 he began his television career in the role of Tybalt in a successful adaptation of Romeo and Juliet; he took part to a great number of films, TV-series and television movies, but became popular in 1973 thanks to the interpretation of the Commissioner Solmi, in the television series Qui squadra mobile.[1][2] About his film career, he is best remembered for his roles in Elio Petri's Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion and Property Is No Longer a Theft.[2] He died of a heart attack on the stage of the Teatro Flaiano in Rome, at 53 years old, during the rehearsal of the play Ad Eva aggiungi Eva.[1][2]

Selected filmography


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