Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus, also termed as the OBI EE Plus, is Oracle Corporation's set of business intelligence tools consisting of former Siebel Systems business intelligence and Hyperion Solutions business intelligence offerings.

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition
Developer(s)Oracle Corporation
Stable release / April 2, 2013 (2013-04-02)
Written inC++, Java
Operating systemWindows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX
Available inMultiple (English, Japanese, etc.)
TypeBusiness analytics
LicenseProprietary software

The industry counterpart and main competitors of OBIEE are Tableau Software, Microsoft BI, TIBCO Spotfire, IBM Cognos, SAP AG Business Objects, Looker and SAS Institute Inc. The products currently leverage a common BI Server providing integration among the tools.


  • OBIA (Oracle Business Intelligence Applications)[1]
  • Oracle Scorecard: an implementation of balanced scorecard reporting.[2]


  • 2000: nQuire formed: Larry Barbetta CEO..
  • 2001: nQuire courted by Siebel.
  • 2002: Siebel purchases nQuire
  • 2005: Oracle purchases Siebel(
  • 2010: 11g Version Released
  • 2015: 12c Version Released[3]


  1. Keyes, Jessica (2014). "Oracle Analytics: Business Intelligence and Analytic Applications". The CIO's Guide to Oracle Products and Solutions. Boca Raton, Florida: CRC Press. pp. 74–75. ISBN 9781482249941. Retrieved 2016-09-04. Sometimes OBIEE is used interchangeably with Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA), which is a prebuilt BI and data-warehousing system built on the OBIEE technology stack. However, OBIEE is the platform, whereas OBIA is an application that uses the platform.
  2. Переверзев, Николай (2003). "Управление предприятием с помощью системы Balanced Scorecard" [Managing the enterprise with the help of the "Balanced Scorecard" system]. Финансовый Директор (in Russian). 3. Retrieved 2011-03-31. BSC можно реализовать как в специальных программных продуктах (например, Oros Scorecard, Hyperion Performance Scorecard, Oracle Scorecard и др.), так и в Excel.[One can implement BSC both in specialized software products (for example: Oros Scorecard, Hyperion Performance Scorecard, Oracle Scorecard, etc) as well as in Excel.]


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