Opernwelt (Opera World) is a monthly German magazine for opera, operetta and ballet.

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Reach: 20,000[1]
First issue1960
CompanyFriedrich Berlin Verlag / Klett Gruppe
Based inBerlin

The magazine covers news about current performances; it presents portraits of composers and performers, articles about opera houses and performance spaces, and about contemporary and historical subjects from the world of opera and classical music. It reviews recordings and books and publishes monthly schedules of German and international opera houses. The magazine's website offers full text search for past issues. A year book is published every October.


Each year since 1994, at the end of the season, the magazine sponsors a jury of 50 critics to select the best in several categories:

  • opera house of the year (Opernhaus des Jahres)
  • staging of the year (Aufführung des Jahres)
  • stage director of the year (Regisseur des Jahres)
  • singer of the year (Sänger des Jahres)
  • stage- and costume designer of the year (Kostüm- und Bühnenbildner des Jahres)
  • orchestra of the year (Orchester des Jahres)
  • premiere of the year (Uraufführung des Jahres)[2]

They are usually selected from German-speaking countries, Austria, Germany and German-speaking Switzerland. In 2011, La Monnaie received the accolade, the first time it has been given to a non-German speaking house.[3]

Opera house of the year

Year Opera house
1993Leipzig Opera[4]
1994Staatsoper Stuttgart
1995Oper Frankfurt
1996Oper Frankfurt
1997Hamburg State Opera
1998Staatsoper Stuttgart
1999Staatsoper Stuttgart
2000Staatsoper Stuttgart
2001Graz Opera
2002Staatsoper Stuttgart
2003Oper Frankfurt
2004Die deutschen Stadttheater
(the German municipal theatres, collectively)
2005Hamburg State Opera
2006Staatsoper Stuttgart
2007Oper Bremen and Komische Oper Berlin
2008Aalto Theatre, Essen
2009Theater Basel
2010Theater Basel
2011La Monnaie, Brussels[3]
2012Cologne Opera
2013Komische Oper Berlin[5]
2014Bayerische Staatsoper, Munich[6]
2015National Theatre Mannheim and Oper Frankfurt[7]
2016Staatsoper Stuttgart[2]
2017Opéra de Lyon[8]
2018Oper Frankfurt[9]
2019Opéra national du Rhin, Alsace[10]


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