Operation Dawn (2012)

Operation Dawn (Turkish: Şafak Operasyonu) also referred as Operation Silent Epic (Turkish: Sessiz Destan Operasyonu) was an operation launched by the Turkish Armed Forces against the PKK, who had taken control of Şemdinli.[1]

Operation Dawn
Part of the Kurdish–Turkish conflict
Date8–19 September 2012
Result Turkish victory
 Turkey Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)

2,000 personnel

100 village guards
Casualties and losses
6 killed plus 2 village guards killed 140 killed and one captured

Operation details

The operation was launched by the Turkish Army and backed by the Turkish Air Force and it lasted for 11 days. Remaining PKK officers have been summoned to the Qandil Mountains. On 29 September the government declared Şemdinli is fully controlled by Turkish forces and operations are about to move to other zones. During this operation a female PKK leader called Ader prepared an attack on an outpost that resulted in 9 soldiers killed.[2]


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