Open PHACTS (Open Pharmacological Concept Triple Store) is a European initiative public–private partnership between academia, publishers, enterprises, pharmaceutical companies and other organisations working to enable better, cheaper and faster drug discovery.[1][2][3][4] It has been funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative,[5] selected as part of three projects to "design methods for common standards and sharing of data for more efficient drug development and patient treatment in the future".[6][7]

TypePublic–private partnership
PurposeSemantic interoperability for drug discovery through Open innovation
27 member organisations
Key people


A total of 27 partners are currently involved including:

Drug discovery

The Open Pharmacological Space created by the consortium is intended to support open innovation and in-house non-public drug discovery research[8] by removing bottlenecks in drug development.[9][10] Resources from the project are publicly available on GitHub.[11]

To reduce the barriers to drug discovery in industry, academia and for small businesses, the Open PHACTS consortium built the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform. This platform is freely available, integrating pharmacological data from a variety of information resources and providing tools and services to question this integrated data to support pharmacological research.


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