Ontario Junior A Lacrosse League

The Ontario Junior A Lacrosse League is a box lacrosse league in Ontario, Canada sanctioned by the Ontario Lacrosse Association. It is a 12 team league wherein the top 8 go to the playoffs and battle it out for top spot in Ontario. The playoff Champion moves on to compete for the National Championship — the Minto Cup.

Ontario Junior A Lacrosse League
Ontario Junior A Lacrosse League
SportBox lacrosse
Foundedc. 1933
No. of teams12
Country Canada
Most recent
Orangeville Northmen
Official websiteOLA Jr. A.com

The Teams (2019)

Barrie Lakeshores2009Barrie
Brampton Excelsiorsc. 1933Brampton
Burlington Chiefs1976Burlington
Kitchener-Waterloo Braves1991Kitchener
Mimico Mountaineers2015Mimico
Oakville Buzz2019Oakville
Orangeville Northmen1991Orangeville
Peterborough Lakers1961Peterborough
St. Catharines Athletics1982St. Catharines
Six Nations Arrows1990Hagersville
Toronto Beaches1991Toronto
Whitby Warriors1975Whitby

2019 OJALL Playoffs Bracket - Iroquois Trophy

  Quarterfinals (Best of 5) Semifinals (Best of 7) Finals (Best of 7)
  1 Orangeville 3  
    8 Mimico 1  
  1 Orangeville 4  
  4 Brampton 1  
  2 Burlington 3
    7 Oakville 0  
  1 Orangeville 4
  2 Burlington 1
  3 St.Catherines 3
    6 Six Nations 1  
  2 Burlington 4
  3 St.Catherines 2  
  4 Brampton 3
    5 Whitby 2  

Official Pointstreak Brackets - Playoffs 2019

The Iroquois Trophy playoff champions

Champion moves on to the Minto Cup national championship.

Year Champion Finalist Series
1933Mount DennisBrampton Excelsiors2-0
1937Orillia Terriers
1938Mimico MountiesOrillia Terriers2-0
1939Orillia TerriersSt. Catharines ShamrocksProtest
1940Orillia TerriersSt. Catharines Shamrocks2-1
Suspended due to World War II
1946Mimico MountiesOwen Sound Georgians3-1
1947St. Catharines AthleticsMimico Mounties3-0
1948St. Catharines AthleticsBrampton Excelsiors3-0
1949St. Catharines AthleticsMimico Mounties2-1-1
1950St. Catharines AthleticsBrampton Excelsiors3-0
1951Mimico MountiesPeterborough Filter Queens3-1
1952Brampton ExcelsiorsSt. Catharines Athletics4-0
1953Long Branch MonarchsBrampton Excelsiors4-0
1954Long Branch MonarchsNewmarket Green Gaels4-3
1955Long Branch MonarchsNewmarket Green Gaels4-2
1956Brampton ExcelsiorsLong Branch Monarchs4-2
1957Brampton ABC'sPeterborough UEW's4-3
1958Brampton ExcelsiorsLong Branch Castrolites
1959Brampton ExcelsiorsSt. Catharines Athletics4-1
1960Whitby Red WingsBrampton Excelsiors4-2
1961Hastings Legionnaires[1]Brampton Excelsiors4-3
1962Brampton ABC'sHastings Legionnaires4-2
1963Oshawa Green GaelsBrampton ABC's4-2
1964Oshawa Green GaelsBramalea ABC's4-0
1965Oshawa Green GaelsMimico Mountaineers4-0
1966Oshawa Green GaelsMimico Mountaineers4-0
1967Oshawa Green GaelsToronto Township PCO's4-1
1968Oshawa Green GaelsMississauga PCO's4-1
1969Oshawa Green GaelsLakeshore Maple Leafs4-0
1970Lakeshore Maple LeafsBramalea Excelsiors4-3
1971Peterborough PCO'sEtobicoke PCO's4-2
1972Peterborough PCO'sOshawa Green Gaels4-0
1973Peterborough PCO'sBramalea Excelsiors4-2
1974Peterborough PCO'sMississauga Athletics4-0
1975Peterborough Gray MunrosMississauga Chiefs4-1
1976Bramalea ExcelsiorsPeterborough Gray Munros4-2
1977Whitby Consolidated BuildersPeterborough Gray Munros4-1
1978Whitby Consolidated BuildersElora Mohawks4-0
1979Peterborough Century 21Oshawa Green Gaels4-3
1980Whitby Consolidated BuildersPeterborough Century 214-2
1981Peterborough James GangOshawa Green Gaels4-3
1982Peterborough James GangOshawa Green Gaels4-0
1983Peterborough James GangEtobicoke Eclipse4-0
1984Whitby WarriorsPeterborough 'A' Team4-1
1985Whitby WarriorsPeterborough Maulers4-0
1986Peterborough MaulersSt. Catharines Athletics4-0
1987Peterborough MaulersSt. Catharines Athletics4-0
1988Peterborough MaulersWhitby Warriors4-0
1989Peterborough MaulersSt. Catharines Athletics4-3
1990St. Catharines AthleticsPeterborough Maulers4-1
1991St. Catharines AthleticsSix Nations Arrows4-1
1992Six Nations ArrowsSt. Catharines Athletics4-0
1993Orangeville NorthmenSt. Catharines Athletics4-1
1994Brampton ExcelsiorsPeterborough Traders4-2
1995Orangeville NorthmenSt. Catharines Athletics4-0
1996Orangeville NorthmenWhitby Warriors4-1
1997Whitby WarriorsSix Nations Arrows4-3
1998Six Nations ArrowsSt. Catharines Athletics4-3
1999Whitby WarriorsSix Nations Arrows4-1
2000Orangeville NorthmenSt. Catharines Athletics4-1
2001St. Catharines AthleticsSix Nations Arrows4-1
2002St. Catharines AthleticsToronto Beaches4-0
2003St. Catharines AthleticsOrangeville Northmen4-0
2004Six Nations ArrowsWhitby Warriors4-3
2005Six Nations ArrowsOrangeville Northmen4-1
2006Six Nations ArrowsPeterborough Lakers4-1
2007Six Nations ArrowsOrangeville Northmen4-2
2008Orangeville NorthmenSix Nations Arrows4-1
2009Orangeville NorthmenBrampton Excelsiors4-3
2010Orangeville NorthmenSix Nations Arrows4-0
2011Whitby WarriorsOrangeville Northmen4-3
2012Orangeville NorthmenSix Nations Arrows4-1
2013Whitby WarriorsSix Nations Arrows4-3
2014Six Nations ArrowsWhitby Warriors4-0
2015Six Nations ArrowsPeterborough Lakers4-1
2016Orangeville NorthmenSix Nations Arrows4-0
2017Six Nations ArrowsMimico Mountaineers3-0
2018Brampton ExcelsiorsOrangeville Northmen4-1
2019Orangeville NorthmenBurlington Chiefs4-1

Draft History

2018 Midget Draft

Round 1
Pick Number Player Name Position Centre Drafted by
1 Reed Kurtz T Guelph Barrie Lakeshores
2 Tyler Hendrycks O Nepean Peterborough Lakers
3 Justin Sykes O Oakville Barrie Lakeshores
4 David Anderson O Guelph Burlington Chiefs
5 Rowisonkies Barnes O Akwesesne Peterborough Lakers
6 Jayden Bushey O Centre Wellington Peterborough Lakers
7 Tanner Cole O Wallaceburg Barrie Lakeshores
8 Carson Moyer O Orangeville Barrie Lakeshores
9 Owen Dew G London Burlington Chiefs
10 Tyson Allison O Hamilton Burlington Chiefs
11 Brody Caskenette O Owen Sound Orangeville Northmen
Round 2
Pick Number Player Name Position Centre Drafted by
12 Brock Strong T Clarington Whitby Warriors
13 Liam Mackay D Halton Hills Brampton Excelsiors
14 Brayden Mayea O Windsor Six Nations Arrows
15 Curtis Butka O Kitchener Waterloo Orangeville Northmen
16 Reid Lowe O Niagara on the Lake Brampton Excelsiors
17 Lucas Renzetti D West Durham Six Nations Arrows
18 Riley Rodgers O Toronto Stars Toronto Beaches
19 Adrian Channell O Halton Hills Brampton Excelsiors
20 Liam Orr O Oshawa Toronto Beaches
21 Josh Gamble G Halton Hills K-W Braves
22 Gavin McGregor T Sarnia St Catherines Athletics

2017 Midget Draft

Pick Number Player Name Position Centre Drafted by
1Zac YoungTClaringtonPeterborough Lakers
2Josh DawickOOakvilleToronto Beaches
3Grayden HoggOClarington Whitby Warriors
4Joey SzaboMiltonMimico Mountaineers
5Dylan WatsonOGuelphOrangeville Northmen
6Cameron MacDonaldOShelburneMimico Mountaineers
7Owen GrantNewmarketToronto Beaches
8Trevor BarrettOHamiltonBurlington Chiefs
9Graeme McCrory Clarington Barrie Lakeshores
10Liam McCroryClarington Barrie Lakeshores
11Brett HandsorHuntsville Orangeville Northmen
Pick Number Player Name Position Centre Drafted by
12Landon KellsGCentre WellingtonPeterborough Lakers
13Connor ChisholmCaledonBarrie Lakeshores
14Cameron CoughlinCambridgeK-W Braves
15Mike MontgomeryEOrilliaPeterborough Lakers
16Josh HamillOwen SoundBurlington Chiefs
17Jason KnoxHuntsvilleBurlington Chiefs
18Zach KearneHalton HillsWhitby Warriors
19Nick FulgenziCaledonBurlington Chiefs
20Jake RosaWindsorSix Nations Arrows
21Hayden FoxGloucesterSix Nations Arrows
22Myles DoolittleShelburne Barrie Lakeshores

2016 Midget Draft

2015 Midget Draft

2014 Midget Draft

Former Member Teams

Akwesasne Indians (Folded in 2012)
Elora Mohawks
Hamilton Bengals
Huntsville Hawks
Mississauga Tomahawks (Relocated to Mimico in 2015)
Orillia Rama Kings
Oshawa Green Gaels
Ottawa Titans
Scarborough Saints
Sarnia Pacers
Windsor Warlocks


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