One of Those

One of Those (Italian: Una di quelle, also known as Totò, Peppino e... una di quelle) is a 1953 Italian comedy-drama film produced, written, directed and starred by Aldo Fabrizi.[1]

One of Those
Directed byAldo Fabrizi
Written byGiorgio Bianchi
Aldo De Benedetti
Aldo Fabrizi
StarringLea Padovani
Peppino De Filippo
Aldo Fabrizi
Music byCarlo Innocenzi
CinematographyGábor Pogány
Release date
Running time
86 min


Maria is a widow with a dependent child, in debt with her landlord, and she tries to get by on small tailoring jobs. One day she receives a visit from a neighbor, a prostitute. Praising the beauty of Maria, and understanding her economic difficulties, the prostitute suggests her to attempt the same profession, in her view the only way for a single woman to find the money to live.

Desperate by the personal and economic situation, Maria reluctantly accepts the advice and the next day she went to a nightclub, where she encounter two wealthy country men, the brothers Martino and Rocco.



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