Once in a New Moon

Once in a New Moon is a 1935 British science fiction film directed by Anthony Kimmins and starring Eliot Makeham, René Ray and Morton Selten. It is a quota quickie, made at Shepperton Studios.[1]

Once in a New Moon
Directed byAnthony Kimmins
Written byAnthony Kimmins
Owen Rutter (novel)
StarringEliot Makeham
René Ray
Morton Selten
Distributed byFox Film Company
Release date
Running time
63 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


When a dead star passes planet Earth, its magnetic pull dislodges the English town of Shrimpton-on-the-Sea and causes it to break away and become its own miniature globe in orbit around the Earth. The village is now an island, the only land, and the rest of the mini planet is water which can be circumnavigated in a day. Sail straight and you eventually find the town again. The sun rises and sets every few hours and the Earth can be seen as a new moon in the sky. Otherwise, life is as before.

As panic sets in, the upper and lower classes of the village set about forming a new government. However, stubbornness, snobbery, distrust, paranoia and petty jealousy soon lead the population of the newly-named Shrimpton-in-Space to the brink of civil war.


The plot, like that of George Orwell’s Animal Farm has elements of political satire and parable. The lower class demanding their rights and rising up against the wealthy resembles the Russian revolution.



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