On the Red Cliff

On the Red Cliff (German: Am roten Kliff) is a 1922 German silent drama film directed by Hanna Henning and starring Fritz Kortner, Agnes Straub and Hans Adalbert Schlettow .[1] It premiered at the Marmorhaus in Berlin.

On the Red Cliff
Directed byHanna Henning
Written byAnny Wothe (novel)
Hanna Henning
StarringFritz Kortner
Agnes Straub
Hans Adalbert Schlettow
CinematographyGünther Krampf
Mitteleuropäische Film
Release date
29 April 1922
German intertitles

The film's sets were designed by the art director Julian Ballenstedt.


In alphabetical order

  • Rudolf Bachmann as Pastor Nielsen
  • Hannes Henning as Peer
  • Rudolf Hofbauer as Kapitän Tamen
  • Fritz Kortner as Henning Rinkens
  • Ludwig Körner as Ludwig
  • Sybill Morel as Rote ose
  • Nikoline Petersen as Karlinken
  • Hans Adalbert Schlettow as Geert Rantsau
  • Charlotte Spira as Swea Lansing
  • Agnes Straub as Antje
  • Ellinor Wilhelms as Godewar
  • Ernst Winar as Tammo Kohrsen


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