Omid Walizadeh

Omid Walizadeh, also known as Omid or OD, is a hip hop producer based in Long Beach, California.[2] He has produced tracks for the likes of Freestyle Fellowship,[3][4] Busdriver,[5][6] 2Mex,[7] Subtitle,[8] and Awol One.[9]

Omid Walizadeh
Also known asOmid, OD
BornChicago, Illinois[1]
OriginLong Beach, California[1]
GenresInstrumental hip hop
Alternative hip hop
InstrumentsSampler, synthesizer
Years active1998-present
LabelsBeneath the Surface
Mush Records
Alpha Pup Records
Associated actsProject Blowed
WebsiteOmid Walizadeh on SoundCloud


Omid Walizadeh graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a bachelor's degree in recording arts. He has produced tracks since 1992.[10]

Inspired by the underground hip hop movement at the Good Life Cafe in the early 1990s, he released a collaborative album, Beneath the Surface, in 1998. It featured over 30 rappers, mainly from Los Angeles.[11][12]

His solo debut album, Distant Drummer, was released on Beneath the Surface in 2002.[13] It was inspired by Dan Simmons' novel Hyperion, the music of Sun Ra, among other things.[10]

In 2003, he released the album, Monolith, on Mush Records.[14] It featured contributions from the likes of Abstract Rude, 2Mex,[15] Buck 65,[16] Luckyiam, Aceyalone, Murs, and Slug.[17] The title comes from Arthur C. Clarke's novel 2010: Odyssey Two.[18]

In 2007, he released the instrumental album, Afterwords 3, on Alpha Pup Records.[19]

He is the music supervisor of This Is the Life, a documentary film which chronicles the Good Life Cafe.[20][21]

In 2013, he returned with Modern Persian Speech Sounds.[1]

Style and influences

In a 2003 interview, Omid Walizadeh talked about his music making process: "90% of my music is sample based, but I tweek and rearrange and change the samples to my bidding. Just taking a note here and a drum hit there and creating a whole different arrangement."[18]

He uses an Ensoniq ASR-10, Yamaha CS1x, and Pro Tools.[10]



  • Beneath the Surface (1998)
  • Distant Drummer (2002)
  • Monolith (2003)
  • Afterwords 3 (2007)
  • Modern Persian Speech Sounds (2013)


  • "Percussion Precaution" b/w "Rush" (2002)


  • Busdriver - "Overshadow" from Memoirs of the Elephant Man (1999)
  • Self Jupiter - "OD's Swing" "It Was on This Night" "When the Sun Took a Day Off and the Moon Stood Still" from Hard Hat Area (2000)
  • Scarub - "Savvy Traveler" from Heavenbound (2000)
  • Radioinactive - "Una Cosa" from Pyramidi (2001)
  • 2Mex - "Percussion Percaution" "Offering" from B-Boys in Occupied Mexico (2001)
  • Busdriver - "Jazz Fingers" from Temporary Forever (2002)
  • Sach - "Illustrations (Remix)" from Suckas Hate Me (2002)
  • Freestyle Fellowship - "Can You Find the Level of Difficulty in This?" "Got You on the Run" "Desperate" "Once Again" from Shockadoom (2002)
  • Neila - "Unintentional Violence" from Vertical Trees with Eternal Leaves (2003)
  • Writer's Block - "Sunset Limited" "Situations" from En Route (2004)
  • Neila - "Rules" "Operating Instructions" from For Whom the Bells Crow (2004)
  • Awol One - "Memowrecks" from Self Titled (2004)
  • Sach - Sach 5th Ave (2004)
  • 2Mex - "Alive-A-Cation" "Only As Good As Goodbye" "The Return of Fernandomania" "Ghost Memo" "Escape the Toyota Matrix" from 2Mex (2004)
  • Busdriver - "Reheated Pop!" from Fear of a Black Tangent (2005)
  • Subtitle - "Leave Home" from Young Dangerous Heart (2005)
  • SonGodSuns - "Minors into Fire" from Over the Counter Culture (2005)
  • Ellay Khule - "Califormula Mix" "Needle Skipping" "Fading Rhythms" "Very Latest Styles" "Time" "Call Me Khule" from Califormula (2005)
  • Escape Artists - "E Pur Si Muove" from EA3 (2005)
  • Subtitle - "Let's Get Lit" from Terrain to Roam (2006)
  • Acid Reign - "Comfort Zone" from Time & Change (2006)
  • Busdriver - "Me-Time (With the Pulmonary Palimpsest)" "Unsafe Sextet/Gilded Hearts of Booklovers" from Jhelli Beam (2009)
  • Friday Night - "Friday Night Fever (Omid Remix)" from Friday Night Remixed (2010)
  • Nomadee - "Forever" from Daydreams (2011)
  • Freestyle Fellowship - "Introduction" "This Write Here" from The Promise (2011)
  • Thirsty Fish - "Home Movies" (2012)


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