Olga Preobrazhenskaya (director)

Olga Preobrazhenskaya (Russian: Ольга Ивановна Преображенская, 24 July 1881 – 30 October 1971) was a Russian Empire and Soviet actress and film director, one of the first female film directors. She is most famous for directing the film Women of Ryazan.[1]

Olga Preobrazhenskaya
Olga Ivanovna Preobrazhenskaya

(1881-07-24)24 July 1881
Died30 October 1971(1971-10-30) (aged 90)
Moscow, Soviet Union
OccupationFilm director
Years active1913–1961


Olga Ivanovna Preobrazhenskaya was born on 24 July 1881 in Moscow. In 1901–1904 she studied in the actor school of Moscow Art Theater. From 1905 she worked in theaters in Poltava, Tbilisi, Riga, Odessa, Voronezh and Moscow.[2]

In 1913 she debuted as film actress in The Keys to Happiness, directed by Vladimir Gardin and Yakov Protazanov and went on to star in several very popular adaptations of Russian classics, such as War and Peace and On the Eve (both 1915). Preobrazhenskaya was one of the founders of the actor school of the VGIK, where she taught from 1918–25.[2]


As actress
  • The Keys to Happiness (Ключи счастья) (1913)
  • Dionysus' Anger (Гнев Диониса) (1914)
  • A Nest of Gentlefolk (Дворянское гнездо) (1914)
  • Mask of Death (Маска смерти) (1914)
  • War and Peace (Война и мир) (1915)
  • The Garnet Bracelet (Гранатовый браслет) (1915)
  • On the Eve (Накануне) (1915)
  • Peterburg Slums (Петербургские трущобы) (1915)
  • Plebeian (Плебей) (1915)
  • Privalov's Millions (Приваловские миллионы) (1915)
  • The Great Passion (Великая страсть) (1916)
  • Deep Pool (Омут) (1916)
  • Whose Guilt? (Чья вина?) (1916)
  • The Iron Heel (Железная пята) (1919)
  • The Landowner (Помещик) (1923)
  • Locksmith and Chancellor (Слесарь и канцлер) (1924)
As director
  • Miss Peasant (Барышня - крестьянка) (1916); co-directed with Vladimir Gardin
  • Victoria (Виктория) (1917)
  • Tale of Priest Pankrat (Сказка о попе Панкрате) (1918)
  • The Landowner (Помещик) (1923)
  • Fedka's truth (Федькина правда) (1925)
  • Kashtanka (Каштанка) (1926)
  • Anne (Аня) (1927)
  • Women of Ryazan (Бабы рязанские) (1927)
  • A Town Full of Light (Светлый город) (1928); co-directed with Ivan Pravov
  • The Last Attraction (Последний аттракцион) (1929); co-directed with Ivan Pravov
  • And Quiet Flows the Don (Тихий Дон) (1930); co-directed with Ivan Pravov
  • Paths of Enemies (Вражьи тропы) (1935); co-directed with Ivan Pravov
  • Stepan Razin (Степан Разин) (1939); co-directed with Ivan Pravov
  • Lad from Taiga (Парень из тайги) (1941); co-directed with Ivan Pravov


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