Oji Eagles

Oji Eagles (王子製紙アイスホッケー部, Ōji Seishi Aisu Hokkē-bu) are a professional ice hockey team based in Tomakomai city on Hokkaidō, Japan. Oji is a member of Asia League Ice Hockey.

Oji Eagles
CityTomakomai, Hokkaidō
LeagueAsia League Ice Hockey
Founded1925 (1925)
Home arenaHakucho Arena (capacity 4,015)
Owner(s)Oji Paper Company
General managerHonma Sadaki
Head coachYamanaka Takeshi
CaptainSaito Tetsuya


The club was founded as the Oji Eagles in 1925. They have won the Japan League 13 times, the All Japan Championship 36 times and the Asia League 2 times. Oji became a founding member of Asia League Ice Hockey in 2003.


Current roster

# Country Player Catches Acquired Place of Birth
30 Ogino Junji L 2001 Osaka, Japan
39 Narisawa Yuta L 2010 Kushiro, Japan
61 Haruna Masahito L 2006 Kushiro, Japan
# Country Player Shoots Acquired Place of Birth
5 Hashiba Ryo R 2009 Tomakomai, Japan
6 Kawashima Makoto L 2003 Obihiro, Japan
20 Yamashita Takafumi R 2006 Tomakomai, Japan
23 Haga Yosuke A R 2009 Kushiro, Japan
28 Chris Harrington R 2010 St. Cloud, United States
34 Hashimoto Ryo L 2011 Iwanai, Japan
44 Aaron Keller R 2003 Kamloops, BC, Canada
88 Sasaki Kazumasa R 2008 Tomakomai, Japan
# Country Player Position Shoots Acquired Place of Birth
3 Ogawa Katsuya A LW R 2008 Tomakomai, Japan
7 Domeki Masato C C/W R 2002 Tomakomai, Japan
8 Kon Yousuke C L 2009 Kitahiroshima, Japan
9 Sato Sho LW L 2009 Kushiro, Japan
10 Mitamura Kouhei LW L 2010 Obihiro, Japan
13 Ogawa Masafumi C L 2005 Tomakomai, Japan
14 Ohsawa Yuto L 2012 Tomakomai, Japan
16 Saito Tetsuya C R 2002 Kushiro, Japan
17 Takada Kota R 2012 Kushiro, Japan
18 Kaneko Ryouhei C/LW L 2010 Tokyo, Japan
19 Saito Takeshi RW R 2002 Kushiro, Japan
21 Kuji Shuuhei LW R 2010 Tomakomai, Japan
32 Marc Cavosie C/LW L 2011 Albany, NY, United States
48 Takahashi Seiji RW R 2011 Tomakomai, Japan
53 Terao Hiromichi L 2012 Nikko, Japan

Year-by-year record

complete records for previous seasons[1]

2003–04 16502095558174th/5Did not reach playoffs
2004–05 422422113181124794th/8Lost in semi-finals
2005–06 38220421015987724th/9Lost in semi-finals
2006–07 3420041914180653rd/8Lost in quarter-finals
2007–08 3017122811274573rd/7Won Championship
2008–09 362112201014177713rd/7Lost in semi-finals
2009–10 36210323714180742nd/7Lost in Semi-finals
2010–11 36213230716191761st/7Lost in Semi-finals
2011–12 36211242614182751st/7Won Championship
2012–13 423220116199921021st/7Lost finals
Totals 346204109141212851431845--2 Championships

*prior to the 2008–2009 season, there were no shoot-outs and games ended in a tie

Past import players


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