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Ogun Records is a jazz record label created in London in 1973 by South African expatriate bassist Harry Miller, his wife Hazel Miller, and sound engineer Keith Beal.[1] They recorded Brititsh avant-garde jazz musicians Keith Tippett, Mike Osborne, Elton Dean, Lol Coxhill, Harry Beckett, Trevor Watts and their collaborations with expatriate South Africans, including the Blue Notes, Chris McGregor, Dudu Pukwana, Mongezi Feza, Louis Moholo, and Johnny Dyani in groups like McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath, Dean's Ninesense, and Miller's Isipingo.[2]

Ogun Records
Founded1973 (1973)
FounderHarry Miller
Hazel Miller
Keith Beal
GenreAvant-garde jazz
Country of originUK

The label did not have any releases for several years, beginning in 1980, during which the Millers lived in the Netherlands. Harry Miller was killed in a car accident in 1983.[3] Hazel Miller started releasing new titles on LP in 1986, with help from John Jack of Cadillac Records, and in 1990 switched the format of releases to CD starting with Elton Dean's Unlimited Saxophone Company. Since then, almost every year has seen one to three new additions to the CD catalog. Most are new or unreleased recordings, and some are CD editions of the earlier LP releases.



OG 100Brotherhood of BreathLive at Willisau1974
OG 200Harry MillerChildren at Play1974
OG 300Mike Osborne TrioBorder Crossing1974
OG 400S.O.S.: Alan Skidmore/Mike Osborne/John SurmanSOS1975
OG 500Irene Schweizer/Rüdiger Carl/Radu Malfatti/Harry Miller/Paul LovensRamifications1975
OG 600Ovary Lodge: Keith Tippett/Julie Tippetts/Harry Miller/Frank PerryOvary Lodge: Live at Nettlefold Hall1976
OG 700Mike Osborne TrioMike Osborne Trio1976
OG 800Harry Beckett's Joy UnlimitedMemories of Bacares1976
OG 900Elton Dean's NinesenseOh! for the Edge1976
OG 010Nicra: Nick Evans/Radu Malfatti/Keith Tippett/Buschi Niebergall/Makaya NtshokoListen/Hear1977
OG 110Voice: Julie Tippetts/Maggie Nichols/Phil Minton/Brian EleyVoice1977
OG 210Mike Osborne/Stan TraceyTandem1977
OG 310Harry Miller's IsipingoFamily Affair1977
OG 410EDQ: Elton Dean/Keith Tippett/Chris Laurence/Louis MoholoThey All Be on This Old Road1977
OG 510Lol CoxhillDiverse1977
OG 610Elton Dean/Joe Gallivan/Kenny WheelerThe Cheque Is in the Mail1977
OG 710Mark Charig with Keith Tippett & Ann WinterPipedream - Pipedream1977
OG 810Mike Osborne QuintetMarcel's Muse1977
OG 910Elton Dean's NinesenseHappy Daze1977
OG 020Harry Beckett's Joy UnlimitedGot It Made1977
OG 120John Stevens/Evan ParkerThe Longest Night Vol. 11978
OG 220The Blue NotesBlue Notes in Concert Vol. 11978
OG 320Radu Malfatti/Harry MillerBracknell Breakdown1978
OG 420John Stevens/Evan ParkerThe Longest Night Vol. 21978
OG 520Louis Moholo OctetSpirits Rejoice!1978
OG 521Chris McGregorIn His Own Time1978
OG 522Charles Austin/Roy Babbington/Joe GallivanHome from Home1978
OG 523Harry MillerIn Conference1978
OG 524Brotherhood of BreathProcession: Live at Toulouse1978
OG 525Lol CoxhillThe Joy of Paranoia1978
OG 526Trevor Watts String EnsembleCynosure1978
OG 527Soft Head: Hugh Hopper/Elton Dean/Alan Gowen/Dave SheenRogue Element1978
OG 528Trevor Watts' AmalgamCloser to You1979
OG 529The Trio: John Surman/Barre Phillips/Stu MartinBy Contact1987 reissue of 1971 Japanese Columbia LP
OG 530Elton Dean/Harry Beckett/Nick Evans/Marcio Mattos/Liam GenockeyThe Bologna Tape1985
OG 531Paul Rutherford TrioBracknell '831986
OG 532The Blue Notes: Chris McGregor/Dudu Pukwana/Louis MoholoBlue Notes for Johnny (Dyani)1987 release
OG 533Louis Moholo Viva-la-BlackViva-La-Black1988
OGD 001/002The Blue NotesBlue Notes for Mongezi (Feza)1976
OGD 003/004Keith Tippett's ArkFrames: Music for an Imaginary Film1978
OGD 007/008Keith Tippett SeptetA Loose Kite in a Gentle Wind Floating With Only My Will for an Anchor1986


Ogun OGCD 001Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of BreathLive at Willisau1994
Ogun OGCD 002Elton DeanUnlimited Saxophone Company1990
Ogun OGCD 003 ALouis MoholoViva-La-Black Exile1991
Ogun OGCD 003 BLouis MoholoViva-La-Black Exile (remaster)2011
Ogun OGCD 005John Stevens/Evan ParkerCorner to Corner1995
Ogun OGCD 006Louis Moholo's Viva-La-BlackFreedom Tour 1993 Live in South Africa1994
Ogun OGCD 007The Blue NotesLegacy - Live in South Afrika 19641995
Ogun OGCD 008Lol CoxhillCoxhill on Ogun: The Joy of Paranoia/Diverse1998
Ogun OGCD 009Louis Moholo/Evan Parker/Barry Guy/Pule Pheto/Gibo PhetoBush Fire1996
Ogun OGCD 010/011Keith Tippett's ArkFrames: Music for an Imaginary Film1996
Ogun OGCD 012Francine LuceBò kay la vi-a1999
Ogun OGCD 013Soft Head: Hugh Hopper/Elton Dean/Alan Gowen/Dave SheenRogue Element: Expanded Edition1996
Ogun OGCD 014Louis Moholo/Pule Pheto/Mervyn Africa/Keith TippettMpumi2002
Ogun OGCD 015Mike Osborne Trio & Quintet2004
Ogun OGCD 016Louis Moholo/Stan TraceyKhumbula (Remember)2005
Ogun OGCD 017/018Louis MoholoBra Louis Bra Tebs/Spirits Rejoice!2005
Ogun OGCD 019S.O.S.: Alan Skidmore/Mike Osborne/John SurmanSOS2006
Ogun OGCD 020Keith Tippett/Julie Tippetts/Louis Moholo/Canto GeneràlViva La Black Live at Ruvo Jazz Festival2007
Ogun OGCD 021Ovary Lodge: Keith Tippett/Julie Tippetts/Harry Miller/Frank PerryOvary Lodge: Live at Nettlefold Hall2007
Ogun OGCD 022/023John Stevens/Evan ParkerCorner to Corner + The Longest Night vols. 1 & 22007
Ogun OGCD 024–028The Blue NotesThe Ogun Collection: Legacy Live in South Afrika 1964/Blue Notes for Mongezi (expanded)/Blue Notes in Concert (expanded)/Blue Notes for Johnny (expanded)2008
Ogun OGCD 029Mike Osborne TrioAll Night Long2008
Ogun OGCD 030Keith Tippett SeptetA Loose Kite in a Gentle Wind Floating With Only My Will for an Anchor2009
Ogun OGCD 031Louis Moholo Unit An Open Letter to My Wife Mpumi2009
Ogun OGCD 032Elton Dean's NinesenseHappy Daze/Oh! For the Edge2009
Ogun OGCD 033Mark Charig with Keith Tippett & Ann WinterPipedream2010
Ogun OGCD 034Couple in Spirit: Keith & Julie TippettLive at the Purcell Room2010
Ogun OGCD 035Louis Moholo/Dudu Pukwana/Johnny Dyani/Rev. Frank WrightSpiritual Knowledge and Grace2011
Ogun OGCD 036Keith Tippett OctetFrom Granite to Wind2011
Ogun OGCD 037The Blue NotesBefore the Wind Changes: Live in Waregem 19792012
Ogun OGCD 038Chris McGregorIn His Good Time: Expanded Edition2012
Ogun OGCD 039Alexander Hawkins & Louis MoholoKeep Your Heart Straight2012
Ogun OGCD 040Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of BreathProcession: Live at Toulouse: Expanded Edition2013
Ogun OGCD 041Harry Miller's IsipingoDifferent Times, Different Places: 1973/19762013
Ogun OGCD 042Louis MoholoFor the Blue Notes2014
Ogun OGCD 101The Dedication OrchestraSpirits Rejoice1992
Ogun OGCD 102/103The Dedication OrchestraIxesha (Time)1994
Ogun HMCD 1/2/3Harry Miller1941-1983 The Collection: Children at Play/Family Affair/Bracknell Breakdown/In Conference/Down South1999

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