October Films

October Films was a major U.S. independent film production company[1] and distributor founded in 1991 by Bingham Ray and Jeff Lipsky as a means of distributing the 1990 film Life Is Sweet.

October Films
IndustryIndependent film
FateSold to USA Networks and merged with Gramercy Pictures and PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
SuccessorUSA Films (2000-2002)
Focus Features (2002-present)
FounderBingham Ray
Jeff Lipsky
OwnerSeagram (1997-1999)
ParentUniversal Studios (1997-1999)

A series of mergers and acquisitions began when Universal Pictures (then a division of the Seagram Company) bought a majority stake in October Films in 1997. Universal then sold its shares to Barry Diller in 1999, who renamed the company USA Films and merged it with Gramercy Pictures. Vivendi then acquired USA Films, who in 2002 acquired Good Machine and merged it with USA Films, forming Focus Features.



Release Date Films Notes
October 25, 1991Life Is Sweet
August 21, 1992The Living End
September 4, 1992The Tune
June 25, 1993Chain of Desire
October 8, 1993Ruby in Paradise
February 11, 1994The Cement Garden
August 19, 1994Killing Zoe
October 26, 1994The Last Seduction
May 5, 1995Search and Destroy
October 6, 1995The Addiction
November 17, 1995When Night Is Falling
December 7, 1995Man with a Gun
May 10, 1996Someone Else's America
June 18, 1996Haunted
August 14, 1996Small Faces
August 21, 1996Girls Town
September 27, 1996Secrets & Lies
November 1, 1996The Funeral
November 13, 1996Breaking the Waves
February 21, 1997Lost Highway
April 18, 1997Traveller
April 25, 1997Female Perversions
August 8, 1997Career Girls
October 8, 1997Year of the Horse
November 14, 1997Kiss or Kill
February 20, 1998The Apostle
May 1, 1998Still Breathing
June 12, 1998High Art
August 7, 1998Safe Men
August 1998The Naked Man
September 18, 1998A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries
January 15, 1999Hilary and Jackie
April 2, 1999Cookie's Fortune
April 30, 1999Three Seasons
July 9, 1999Autumn Tale
August 27, 1999The Muse
September 10, 1999Black Cat, White Cat
September 17, 1999Sugar Town
September 24, 1999Lucie Aubrac
November 5, 1999Rosetta
December 15, 1999Topsy-Turvydistributed by USA Films


Release Date Title Notes
March 3, 2000Agnes Brownedistributed by USA Films
March 10, 2000Condo Paintingdistributed by USA Films
April 28, 2000The Idiotsdistributed by USA Films
May 5, 2000Up at the Villadistributed by USA Films
May 26, 2000Joe Gould's Secretdistributed by USA Films
June 21, 2000Boricua's Bonddistributed by USA Films
August 30, 2000Alice and Martindistributed by USA Films
October 20, 2000A Room for Romeo Brassdistributed by USA Films
March 2, 2001Series 7: The Contendersdistributed by USA Films
April 27, 2001One Night at McCool'sdistributed by USA Films
June 8, 2001Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?distributed by USA Films


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