Ochil (Scottish Parliament constituency)

Ochil was a constituency of the Scottish Parliament (Holyrood). It elected one Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) by the plurality (first past the post) method of election. Also, it was one of nine constituencies in the Mid Scotland and Fife electoral region, which elected seven additional members, in addition to the nine constituency MSPs, to produce a form of proportional representation for the region as a whole.

Former county constituency
for the Scottish Parliament
Ochil shown within the Mid Scotland and Fife electoral region and the region shown within Scotland
Former constituency
Council areaClackmannanshire
Perth and Kinross (part)

The former Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament George Reid represented the constituency from 2003 to 2007.

For the Scottish Parliament election, 2011, Ochil was abolished, with the majority of the seat forming the newly created Clackmannanshire and Dunblane seat.

Electoral region

The region covered all of the Clackmannanshire council area, all of the Fife council area, all of the Perth and Kinross council area, all of the Stirling council area and parts of the Angus council area.

Constituency boundaries and council areas

The constituency was created at the same time as the Scottish Parliament, in 1999, with the name and boundaries of a pre-existing Westminster (House of Commons) constituency. In 2005, however, Scottish Westminster constituencies were mostly replaced with new constituencies.[1] The Ochil Westminster constituency, was divided between the Ochil and South Perthshire Westminster constituency and the Stirling Westminster constituency.

From the Scottish Parliament election, 2011, Ochil was largely replaced by an expanded constituency of Clackmannanshire and Dunblane.

Constituency profile

Although a county constituency, Ochil was mostly industrial in character, with the main industries of the region being brewing, distilling, glass manufacture, bottling, tourism and agriculture. There are however affluent areas, including Bridge of Allan, which is home to wealthy commuters to the city of Stirling and further afield; Dollar, which has, in its Academy, one of Scotland's most renowned private schools; and rural Kinross. The majority of the constituency's inhabitants, however, are working-class.

Member of the Scottish Parliament

1999 Richard Simpson Labour
2003 George Reid Scottish National Party
Presiding Officer
2007 Keith Brown Scottish National Party
2011 Constituency abolished: see Clackmannanshire and Dunblane

Election results

2007 Scottish Parliament election: Ochil
Party Candidate Votes % ±
SNP Keith Brown 12,147 38.5 +0.2
Labour Brian Fearon 11,657 36.9 -0.5
Conservative George Murray 4,284 13.6 +3.9
Liberal Democrats Lorraine Caddell 3,465 11.0 +2.7
Majority 490 1.6
Turnout 31,553 54.9
SNP hold Swing 0.4
2003 Scottish Parliament election: Ochil
Party Candidate Votes % ±
SNP George Reid 11,659 38.3 +0.1
Labour Richard Simpson 11,363 37.4 -4.4
Conservative Malcolm Parkin 2,946 9.7 -1.6
Liberal Democrats Catherine Whittingham 2,536 8.3 -0.5
Scottish Socialist Felicity Garvie 1,102 3.6 N/A
Monster Raving Loony Flash Gordon Approaching 432 1.4 N/A
Independent William Whyte 378 1.2 N/A
Majority 296 0.9 -2.53
Turnout 30,416 54.7
SNP gain from Labour Swing 4.5
1999 Scottish Parliament election: Ochil
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Richard Simpson 15,385 41.7 N/A
SNP George Reid 14,082 38.2 N/A
Conservative Nick Johnston 4,151 11.3 N/A
Liberal Democrats The Earl of Mar & Kellie 3,249 8.8 N/A
Majority 1,301 3.5 N/A
Turnout 36,867 N/A
Labour win (new seat)

Note: Although George Reid was elected as a Scottish National Party candidate in 2003, he became independent the same year, as the Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament.

Preceded by
Constituency or Region represented by the Presiding Officer
2003 – 2007
Succeeded by
Galloway and Upper Nithsdale


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