Obrh Creek (pronounced [ˈoːbəɾx]) is a losing stream that originates and terminates in the Lož Karst Field in the Municipality of Loška Dolina. It is a watercourse in the Ljubljanica watershed. It is created by the confluence of Little Obrh Creek (Slovene: Mali Obrh) and Big Obrh Creek (Slovene: Veliki Obrh); the latter is fed by two tributaries: Brežiček Creek and Viševek Brežiček Creek (Slovene: Viševski Brežiček). The confluence, at which point it is simply named Obrh, lies west of the village of Pudob.[1] In the northwest, limestone part of the karst field, Obrh Creek starts to drain into many sinkholes, and higher water flows into 850-meter (2,790 ft) Golobina Cave. The stream re-emerges at the spring of the Stržen River 2 kilometers (1.2 mi) to the northwest on the southeast edge of the Cerknica Karst Field.[2][3]

Obrh Creek
Washing clothes in Obrh Creek in 1962
Physical characteristics
  locationLittle Obrh Creek (Slovene: Mali Obrh)
  coordinates45°40′24.68″N 14°28′45.57″E
2nd source 
  locationBig Obrh Creek (Slovene: Velki Obrh)
  coordinates45°41′59.63″N 14°30′40.93″E
Sinks into Golobina Cave in the Lož Karst Field
Basin features
ProgressionStrženRakUnicaLjubljanicaSavaDanubeBlack Sea


The name Obrh comes from the Slovene common noun obrh, referring to a powerful karst spring that usually surfaces below a cliff, creating a small deep lake that flows into a valley. The noun is originally a fused prepositional phrase, *ob vьrxъ 'at the summit' (i.e., at the highest point of the watercourse).[4]


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