The Obertenghi were a prominent Frankish noble family of Italian nobility descended from Viscount Adalbert III, first Margrave of Milan. The dynasty is the progenitor of the widely powerful and prestigious House of Este, as well the House of Welf, parent house of the Hanover dynasty.[3] Other cadet lines includes the Malaspina and Pallavicini families.[4]

Marcher noble family
Parent familyBonifaci
Country Kingdom of Italy (HRE)
Earlier spellingsObizzi
EtymologyDescendant from Oberto I[1]
Place of originProbably Pavia or Lombardy
Founded940 (940)
FounderAdalberto the Margrave[2]
Current headNone; main branch extinct
Final rulerAlbert Azzo II
Dissolution1097 (1097)
Cadet branches

Early in 951, Berengar II of Italy finished the reorganisation of the Italian feudal structure begun by his predecessor Hugh. He named three new margraves to three new territories:

The Obertenghi margraviate was the source of the fiefs of the Este, Pallavicini, Adorno Pastorino, Vicini, Malaspina, Fieschi, Della Torre, Visconti of Gallura, Parodi, Pinelli, Lupi, Massa, Della Berardenga, Cavalcabò, Adalbertina, etc.

Family heads


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