Oban River

Oban River, a watercourse[1] that is part of the Clarence River catchment, is located in the New England and Northern Tablelands districts of New South Wales, Australia.

Oban River
Ann River [1]
StateNew South Wales
IBRABen Lomond, New England Tablelands
DistrictNew England, Northern Tablelands
Physical characteristics
SourceMount Duncan, Great Dividing Range
  locationLittle Llangothlin Lake, north of Guyra
  elevation1,360 m (4,460 ft)
Mouthconfluence with the Sara River
below Bare Hill, within Guy Fawkes River National Park
818 m (2,684 ft)
Length47 km (29 mi)
Basin features
River systemClarence River catchment
National parksGuy Fawkes River NP, Chaelundi NP

Course and features

Oban River rises below Mount Duncan, Great Dividing Range on the slopes of the Great Dividing Range, within Little Llangothlin Lake, north of Guyra, and flows generally north-east towards its confluence with the Sara River, within Guy Fawkes River National Park and Chaelundi National Park. The river descends 542 metres (1,778 ft) over its 47 kilometres (29 mi) course.[2]

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