OTO Mod. 35

The OTO Mod. 35 was a hand grenade issued to the Regio Esercito during World War II.

OTO Mod. 35
TypeOffensive type grenade
Place of originKingdom of Italy
Service history
In service1935–1945
Used byRegio Esercito
WarsSpanish Civil War
World War II
Production history
ManufacturerOTO Melara
Mass150 g
Height75 mm
Diameter50 mm

Filling weight36 g
Percussion on impact


Entered into service in 1935, the OTO Mod. 35, together with the SRCM Mod. 35 and the Breda Mod. 35 represented the new generation of hand grenades with which the Regio Esercito faced the Second World War. It is an offense type hand grenade consisting of an aluminum body bomb painted red, contains 36 g of TNT that at the time of the explosion fragment a ball of lead containing lead pellets.[1]

The O.T.O. is the simplest of the three Mod.35 Types. The Allways fuze is driven by a lead ball held between a cone shaped cap and a spring loaded striker. An interesting feature is the design on the ball, it's a lead-wrapped assembly of small lead shot, intended to rupture at the moment of detonation, a safety feature. Since the grenade was an offensive type, designers didn't want to have a heavy part of the bomb flying far away from the intended point of detonation, an possibly injuring the thrower. That's the reason why the ball should break into tiny parts at the moment of detonation.[2] The internal capsule contains the explosive and a primer/detonator tube. A thin wire ring locks the two body halves together at a specific place, fixing the overall length, so as not to bind the internal parts.

Operational use

To use, the pull tab with the attached safety strip is withdrawn, just prior to throwing, unlocking the safety lever. When thrown the lever was to catch the air and be pulled from the grenade, removing the safety bar from between the firing pin and the primer. This was an open terrain grenade, as some amount of time and distance was required to allow the mechanism to function properly, which it had a tendency not to do.

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