Ny Teknik

Ny Teknik (meaning New Technology in English) is a weekly Swedish magazine with news, debates and ads in the field of technology and engineering. It is published in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ny Teknik
Editor-in-chiefJan Huss
Circulation156,400 (2006)
First issue26 October 1967 (1967-10-26)
Based inStockholm

History and profile

Ny Teknik was launched on 18 October 1967.[1] Its former publisher was Ekonomi och Teknik Förlag AB.[2] The magazine is headquartered in Stockholm[3] and is published by Talentum Sweden.[4][5]

It is distributed to all members of The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers. The magazine mostly covered news about inventions until 1997 when a new section, Frontlinjen (meaning Front Line), was started to feature news on technological research.[6] The magazine also includes news on the effects of technology on society,[4] IT and telecom.[7]

As of 2006 the editor-in-chief was Lars Nilsson.[6] Susanna Baltscheffsky also served as the editor-in-chief.[3] Jan Huss is the editor-in-chief of the magazine.[7] Corresponding publications are Ingeniøren in Denmark, Teknisk Ukeblad in Norway and Technisch Weekblad in the Netherlands.

In 2006 Ny Teknik had a circulation of 146,500 copies.[8] In 2008 the magazine sold 153,900 copies.[9] Its circulation was 156,400 copies in 2010.[5]


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