Nuijamaa is a former municipality in the province of South Karelia in Finland. The municipality had 1,199 inhabitants and an area of 136 km² in 1988. Nuijamaa was a Finnish-speaking municipality. Nuijamaa bordered the municipalities of Lappee, Lappeenranta, Lauritsala, Taipalsaari, Lemi, Luumäki, Ylämaa, and Joutseno. It also shared a border with Russia.

Nuijamaan kunta
Nuijamaa kommun
Country Finland
RegionSouth Karelia
  Density0/km2 (0/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+02:00 (EET)
  Summer (DST)UTC+03:00 (EEST)

Before the Winter War, Nuijamaa had an area of 356 km². With the Continuation War in 1944, 220 km² of the municipality was ceded to Russia. In 1975, an international border with Russia opened in Nuijamaa. The total crossings in 2007 were over 1.7 million.

Nuijamaa was incorporated into Lappeenranta in 1989.


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