Nri is an Ibo city-state in Anambra State, Nigeria. The Kingdom of Nri originally known as the Igalas who migrated to the Igbo land. It was the seat of a powerful and imperial state who was influenced much by the territories inhabited by the Ibo of Awka and Onitsha to the east; the Efik, the Ibibio,to the South; Nsukka and Asaba, and the Anioma to the west. Today, Nri claims to be the heart and origin of the Igbos, but it is historically dated that Igbo Ukwu, formally known as Igbo, and Igbo Nkwo is the true origin and beginning of the Igbos.


The Nri clan existed from as far back as the 17th century. Nri (the founder of Nri clan) and Aguleri were two of the sons of Eri (founder of Aguleri) and had migrated to the present day Nri from the Anambra (Omambala) river valley (Eriaka) in Aguleri in Northern Iboland. Nri was said to have inherited spiritual powers from his father. The Nri people belong to the Umueri clans who trace their origins to Eri.

Mythological Origin

In the Nri mythology, Nri sent by Chukwu to make peace (settle disputes and cleanse abominations) and provide Ibo people food (yam and cocoyam). Some historians speculate that Eri may have migrated to the Anambra area out of the Igala dynasty of central Nigeria.


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