Norwegian Police University College

The Norwegian Police University College (Norwegian: Politihøgskolen; PHS) is a public university college located in Oslo, Kongsvinger, Stavern and Bodø, Norway.[1] It offers education for the police force of Norway, including a three-year basic education and a possible expansion with a Master's degree. 720 students are accepted at the Bachelor level each year. The university college also conducts research in relevant areas including law, police science, criminology, psychology and sociology. Unlike other public colleges, it is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and the Police.

Norwegian Police University College
TypeState university college
RectorHåkon Skulstad


The school dates back to the organized education of the police force in Oslo in 1889, but was created as a separate school in 1920. It was called The State Police School and had the status of etatsskole (agency school) until 1992, when it was organized as a university college. The campus at Mørkved in Bodø supplemented the one at Majorstuen in Oslo in 1997. It received a full accreditation as a university college (høgskole) in 2004 (from 1992 to 2004, it only had accreditation for its programmes, not a full institutional accreditation).


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