Norwegian Police Cross of Honour

The Norwegian Police Cross of Honour (Norwegian: Politiets hederskors/Politiets heiderskross) is a medal which is awarded by the head of the National Police Directorate of Norway to Norwegian police personnel for helping to prevent loss of life or damage to equipment and property by act of ingenuity in perilous conditions. It was discontinued in 2012.

Norwegian Police Cross of Honour
Politiets hederkors
Norwegian Police Cross of Honour ribbon
Awarded by Norway
Awarded forAssisting the Norwegian police in a particularly meritorious manner
StatusDiscontinued 2012
Established14 September 2001
Next (higher)Nansen medal for Outstanding Research[1]
EquivalentCivil Defence Cross of Honour
Norwegian Defence Cross of Honour[1]
Next (lower)Defence Service Medal with Laurel Branch[1]

Norwegian Police Cross of Honour ribbon

Appearance of the Award

  • It is a cross of gilded metal suspended from a stylised spray of oak leaves.
  • On the obverse the arms of the cross are enamelled white. In the centre is the emblem of the Norwegian Police Service: the Norwegian Coat of Arms (a gold lion on a red field) on a gold background engraved with fasces. This is surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves.
  • The reverse, unenamelled, bears the words HONOR ET MERITUM (Honour and Merit) in three lines on a circle at the centre of the cross.
  • The ribbon is black with double yellow edges.

Notable recipients


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