Northumberland Football Association

The Northumberland Football Association is the governing body of football in the county of Northumberland, England, as well as the boroughs of Newcastle upon Tyne and North Tyneside which were in Northumberland before 1974. The Association was formed in 1883 and is responsible for the governance and development of football at all levels in the county.

Northumberland Football Association
PurposeFootball association
HeadquartersWhitley Park
Whitley Road
John Ackerley


In 1879 the joint Durham and Northumberland Football Association was founded and they stayed that way until 1883 when increasing numbers and travel problems necessitated a change. On 11 May 1883, 40 clubs met in the Alexandra Hotel in Newcastle and voted to form an independent body known as the Northumberland Football Association with the brief of 'using their influence to encourage new clubs to take up the game in their area'. At a subsequent meeting in September of the same year, Mr Robinson reported that he had managed to get the accounts in order and a loss of some four pounds would be divided between the two Counties. It was also agreed to pay Durham £15 for the existing Challenge Cup.

The first secretary of Northumberland Football Association was Aleck Peters and the Lord Bishop of Newcastle was the County FA’s first President. Prominent clubs in the late 1800s were Tyne Association, Newcastle Rangers, Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End.

The development of Northumberland FA continued to grow apace over the last century. As the new Millennium arrived Northumberland FA became a Limited Company and in 2002–03 there was a long-awaited and momentous move into their own impressive new premises at Whitley Park with a County Ground included.

Under the leadership of the President, Alan Wright, there is now a dedicated and forward-looking team in the county boardroom. There is a very experienced Board of Directors as well as a hard-working Council representing all Divisions of Northumberland. A progressive Football Development team is now in place along with a capable and most helpful team of administrative staff in the County Office. The County FA is well equipped to face future challenges. It is hoped that everyone connected with the game across the county will continue to play their part in the continued promotion of football in Northumberland.[1]


Northumberland Football Association aims to establish safe and structured football opportunities for the benefit of all concerned irrespective of age, colour, gender and disability.

The Association also provides the appropriate structures and systems to enable the organisation to control, manage, regulate and promote the game within the County. This enables them to assist with the development of the game at all levels, ensuring they are able to increase the quality and quantity of participation across the various sections of participation.[2]

The Football Development Team assist in all aspects of football development ranging from support for Charter Standard Clubs to assistance with funding applications to further club/school development.[3]

Affiliated Leagues

Disbanded or Amalgamated Leagues

Leagues that were affiliated to the Northumberland FA but have disbanded or amalgamated with other leagues include:

  • Ashington & District League
  • Blyth and District League
  • Coast Colts Junior Football League
  • Coquetdale League
  • East and West Tyne League
  • East Northumberland League
  • Hexham and District League
  • Mid-Tyne Amateur League
  • NEL-Tyneside Combination
  • Newcastle and District Trader league (later known as the Newcastle Business Houses League)
  • Newcastle and District United League
  • Northern Combination
  • North Eastern Amateur league (founded in 1923 and now amalgamated with Tyneside Amateur League)
  • South East Northumberland League (founded in 1921 and eventually incorporated in Tyneside Amateur League)
  • Tyneside League
  • Tyneside Munition Workers League (also known as the Tyneside Munitioneers' League)
  • Tyneside Works League
  • United Free Churches League[5]

Affiliated Member Clubs

Among the notable clubs that are (or at one time were) affiliated to the Northumberland FA are:

County Cup Competitions

The Northumberland FA run the following Cup Competitions:


Senior Cup

The Northumberland Senior Cup is a county cup competition involving teams within the Northumberland Football Association.

List of recent Northumberland Cup Winners

SeasonNorthumberland Senior CupNorthumberland Senior Benevolent BowlNorthumberland Minor CupNorthumberland Junior CupNorthumberland Women's Cup 2004-05?Ponteland FC[?][[[?].|[?]]] [?] 2005-06[[[?]|[?]]]Ponteland FC[?]? [?]
2006-07Morpeth TownWallsendAmble UnitedNewcastle United Women Reserves
2007-08Newcastle United ReservesBlyth TownShilbottle Colliery WelfareNew Hartley Juniors U18Newcastle United Women
2008-09Newcastle United ReservesBlyth TownBlakelawNew Hartley Juniors U18Blyth Spartans Ladies
2009-10Whitley BayAlnwick TownMorpeth Sporting ClubNew Hartley Juniors U18Whitley Bay Women
2010-11Newcastle United ReservesPercy Main AmateursWhitley Bay 'A'New Hartley Juniors U18Whitley Bay Women
2011-12Newcastle United ReservesKillingworth TownWallington FCNew Hartley Juniors U18Newcastle United Women
2012-13Ashington A.F.CHeaton Stannington F.CRed House FarmNew Hartley Juniors U18Newcastle United Women Reserves
2013-14Newcastle United ReservesKillingworth TownAFC NewbigginWallsend Boys Club U18Tynedale Ladies F.C
2014-15Blyth Spartans AFCWallington FCNewcastle UniversityNewcastle Benfield Juniors U18Whitley Bay FC Women
2015-16North Shields FCWhitley Bay 'A'Ponteland UnitedNew Hartley Juniors U18Blyth Town Ladies
2016-17Blyth Spartans AFCShankhouse FCHazlerigg Victory FCWallsend Boys Club Ladies


Members of Council and Officials


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