Northern Tasmanian Football Association (1886–1986)

The Northern Tasmanian Football Association (NTFA) was an Australian rules football competition which ran from 1886 to 1986. In its time it was one of the three main leagues in Tasmania, with the Tasmanian Football League and North West Football Union representing the rest of the state. It was based in the city of Launceston. The three most successful clubs of the old NTFA, Launceston, North Launceston and City-South, went on to compete in the short-lived TFL Statewide League.

From 1947 to 1983 the NTFA was a six team competition, in 1984 George Town and Deloraine joined to make eight teams.

In 1987, the NTFA merged with the North West Football Union to form the Northern Tasmanian Football League.

At the end of 1995 the Tasmanian Amateur Football Association disbanded, The southern clubs help form the Southern Football League, The northern clubs formed a competition called the Northern Tasmanian Football Association. There is no relationship between the old and new NTFA.

NTFA premierships

Winners by year

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