Northern Kyushu

Northern Kyushu (北部九州, Hokubu Kyūshū) is a subregion of Kyushu.[1]

Northern Kyushu Data
Sum of 5 prefectures
Area 25,256.75km²
General Population 10,381,372
(Sept 2008)
Pop Density 411.03 per km²
(Sept 2008)

This northern region encompasses the prefectures of Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, and Ōita.


The northern region of Kyushu was the first to be colonized by the Chinese and Koreans.[2]

Before 1963 it was called North Kyushu (Kitakyūshū, 北九州) until the city of Kitakyūshū was formed. The name of the city means North Kyushu in Japanese. To avoid confusion the name of the region was changed.

It is the most urbanized and industrialized part of the Kyushu region.[2]

For the purposes of development analysis, the area is construed to include Yamaguchi Prefecture on Honshū. Although Yamaguchi not part of Kyushu, it is a functional satellite of the Kanmon Straits metropolitan area.[3]

The region is part of the Taiheiyō Belt and comprises the Northern Kyushu Industrial Zone (ja:北九州工業地帯)

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