Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service

The Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) is a fire and rescue service covering the county of Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. The NFRS are responsible for the entire 1468 square-mile (2,364 km2) area with a population of around 723,000.

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service
Operational area
Country England, UK
County Northamptonshire
AddressWootton Hall Park, Northampton, NN4 8BW
Agency overview
Annual calls13,174 (2017-18)[1]
CommissionerStephen Mold
Chief Fire OfficerDarren Dovey
Facilities and equipment


Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service was founded in 1974 when the former Northamptonshire Fire Brigade and Northampton Borough Fire Brigade (both formed in 1948 by the Fire Services Act 1947) merged.


The NFRS is currently overseen by the Northamptonshire County Council, however as of 1 January 2019; the fire service and county police service will have a merged commissioner's office.[2]

Further information about merge: Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service currently have 22 fire stations,[3] 1 headquarters and 1 administration hub[4] (shared with Northamptonshire Police).

Fire Stations

Station Callsign Station Name Duty System Appliances
FE M01The MountsWholetime1x WrL, 1x COV
FE M02TowcesterRetained1x WrL, 1x WrC
FE M03Woodford HalseRetained1x WrL
FE M04DaventryDay Crewed/Retained2x WrL, 1x CIV
FE M05Long BuckbyRetained1x WrL, 1x IIV
FE M06GuilsboroughRetained1x WrL, 1x CRV
FE M07BrixworthRetained1x WrL, 1x IIV
FE M08BrackelyRetained1x WrL, 1x CIV, 1x IIV
FE M09MoultonWholetime/Retained/1x LWrL, 1x CARP, 1x PM* for: 1x BASU, 1x WelFU, 1x GPP
FE M10/M28MerewayWholetime1x WrL, 1x TRV, 1x WRU+IrbT,
FE M11KetteringWholetime/Retained1x WrL, 1x LWrL, 1x IIV, 1x PM* for Pods: 1x WrC, 1x BFU
FE M12CorbyWholetime1x WrL, 1x CARP, 1x PM+HVP*, 1xPM+HVHL*, 1xPM+MDcU*
FE M13RothwellRetained1x WrL
FE M14OundleRetained1x WrL
FE M15ThrapstonRetained1x WrL, 1x IIV, 1x CRV
FE M16RaundsRetained1x WrL, 1x IIV
FE M17Burton LatimerRetained1x WrL, 1x CRV
FE M18DesboroughRetained1x WrL, 1x IIV
FE M19Earls BartonRetained1x WrL
FE M20/M28WellingboroughWholetime/Retained1x WrL, 1x LWrL, 1x WRU/ARU, 1x WRU+IrbT
FE M21IrthlingboroughRetained1x WrL
FE M22RushdenDay Crewed/Retained1x WrL, 1x LWrL, 1x ESCP

Vehicles and Appliances

Vehicles and Appliances Assigned to Stations
Code Name Full Name Callsign Count Notes
WrL Pump P1/P2 23 assigned to 22 stations
LWrL Light Pump P3 4 assigned to 4 stations
CARP Combined Aerial Rescue Pump P6 2 assigned to 2 stations
RIV Rapid Intervention Vehicle L1 Unassigned Retired
CIV Cobra Intervention Vehicle L1/ L2 2 assigned to 2 stations
WrC Water Carrier W1 2 assigned to 2 stations
HVP High Volume Pump T8 1 assigned to Corby (M12) Government issued
HVHL Double Hose Layer Unit T9 1 assigned to Corby (M12) Government issued
IIV Initial Intervention Vehicle R1 6 assigned to 6 stations
TRV Technical Rescue Vehicle R1 1 assigned to Mereway (M10)
WRU Water Rescue Unit B1 3 assigned to 2 stations
IrbT Inshore Rescue Boat B2 1 assigned to 2 stations
ARU Animal Rescue Unit R1 1 assigned to Wellingborough (M20)
CRV Co-Responder Vehicle V1 2 assigned to 2 stations
ICCU Incident Command & Control Unit C1 Unassigned Retired
JCU Joint Command Unit J1 Unassigned Shared with Northamptonshire Police
ESCP Emergency Services Cadets Pump N/A 1 assigned to Rushden (M22)
COV Community Outreach Vehicle C1 1 assigned to The Mounts (M01) Shared with Northamptonshire Police
PM Prime Mover T2/T8/T9 5 assigned to 3 stations
NFRS Vehicles and Appliances (Used for Training, Administration and Support)
Full Name Count Notes
Pumps 5 unassigned Used for major incidents, backups, training and spares.
Hose Carries 2 unassigned Used for major incidents and training.
Crew Carrier 22 assigned to 22 stations Used for major incidents.
Fire Investigation Dog Van 1 unassigned Used for fire investigations.
Unmarked Officer Car 3 assigned to Area Managers

22 assigned to Station Managers

Used for officer transport to incidents and scenes.
Hydrant Maintenance Vehicle Unknown Used to maintain hydrants across Northamptonshire.
Appliance Maintenance Vehicle Unknown Used to maintain fleet of NFRS vehicles and appliances.
General Purpose Support Vehicle Unknown Used as a general purpose repairs and maintenance.
Large Crew Transport Van Unknown Used for transport to major incidents and training.
Vehicles that are Unassigned or have an Unknown Location
Code Name Full Name Callsign Notes
WrC Water Carrier Used to transport large amounts of water to incidents
BFU Bulk Foam Unit Used to transport large amounts of foam to incidents
BASU Breathing Apparatus Support Unit Used to transport extra cylinders and masks
WelFU Welfare Unit Used at incidents and events to provide relief to crews
GPP General Purpose Pod Used to transport equipment to incidents
MDcU Mass Decontaminaiton Unit Used for Emergency CBRN Response

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