North Western Football Association

The North Western Football Association is an Australian rules football competition based on the North West Coast of Tasmania, Australia.

North Western
Football Association
Current season, competition or edition:
SportAustralian rules football
Founded1894 (1894)


The North Western Football Association was formed at a meeting at the Formby Hotel in 1894 and is the oldest continuously running football competition in the state of Tasmania. The first clubs were Devonport, Latrobe, Mersey and Ulverstone.

The NWFA was the senior football body on the coast until a break away group of teams formed the NWFU in 1910.
The NWFA was then looked upon as a junior competition feeding the NWFU and later the TFL Statewide League until their demise and later the NTFL teams.[1]

The competition has seen more than fifty teams participate in its history from all parts of the North West Coast indicating the rise and fall and changing fortunes of many towns throughout history. Clubs such as Burnie Tigers, Cooee Bulldogs, Penguin, Mole Creek, Wilmot, Barrington, Don, East Devonport, Moriarty, Sassafras, Melrose and Gowrie Park are among many to have played in the NWFA.

From mid-1938 until it went into recess during World War II, the NWFA played under VFA rules, a code of rules established by the Victorian Football Association as a rival to the national rules. This most notably meant that throwing the ball was legal during those years. The NWFA was one of the highest level competitions outside the VFA to play under those rules.[2] Upon its resumption after World War II, the NFWA returned to playing under the traditional rules.[3]
The Association currently operates as a nine club competition and the medal awarded to the Association's Best & Fairest player is the Les Hicks Medal.


List of NWFA Premiership teams. [4]

Current NWFA Clubs

  • – East Ulverstone Football Club.
  • – Forth Football Club.
  • – Motton Preston Football Club.
  • – Rosebery-Toorak Football Club.
  • – Sheffield Football Club.
  • – Spreyton Football Club.
  • – Turners Beach Football Club.
  • – Wesley Vale Football Club.
  • – West Ulverstone Football Club.

NWFA Record Score

  • Forth Seniors – 63.19 (397) v Rosebery 0.1 in 2018

Forth reserves - 66.24 (420) v Spreyton 0.0 in 2013.

NWFA Individual Goalkicking Record (Match)

  • Jamie Auton – (31) – East Ulverstone v West Ulverstone in 2006.
  • Note: This is a current Tasmanian state record.[5]

Leading Goal Kickers

Year Player H&A goals Finals goals Total Goals
1975Ron Mansfield (Spreyton)000
1976Royce Miles (Spreyton)000
1977Royce Miles (Spreyton)76076
1978G Smith66066
1979B Johnson65065
1980Lloyd Dixon (Turners Beach)1100110
1981Brian Cole (Spreyton)000
1982Brian Hickey (Turners Beach)1220122
1983Brian Eade (Ulverstone Dist)86086
1984Chris Reynolds (Spreyton)72072
1985Brian Eade (Ulverstone Dist)1020102
1986David Frenshaw (Sheffield)88088
1987Mike Brocksopp (Turners Beach)1020102
1988Shane Harris (Ulverstone Dists)77077
1989Les Davidson (Spreyton)49049
1990Michael Bramich (Spreyton)58058
1991Les Davidson (Spreyton)55055
1992Robert Cole (Forth)60060
1993Robert Cole (Forth)831093
1994Tom Honner (Rosebery Toorak)66369
1995Iaon Drake (Rosebery Toorak)80080
1996Iaon Drake (Rosebery Toorak)11011121
1997Paul Hampton (Sheffield)1000100
1998Paul Hampton (Sheffield)81384
1999Jason Fellows (Rosebery Toorak)751590
2000Craig Muir ( Wesley Vale )1110111
2001Andrew Stretton (Sheffield)57057
2002Jason Foley (East Ulverstone)81081
2003Andrew Stretton (Sheffield)000
2004Jamie Auton (East Ulverstone)000
2005Jamie Auton (East Ulverstone)96298
2006Jamie Auton (East Ulverstone)1274131
2007Paul Hampton (Spreyton)1010101
2008Todd Bryan (Spreyton)1200120
2009Jamie Auton (West Ulverstone)79079
2010Jamie Auton (West Ulverstone)1010101
2011M Smedley (Motton Preston)70070
2012Shannon Mulvey (Sheffield)1040104
2013Claye Sculthorpe (Motton Preston)1370137
2014Nick Milbourne (Forth)1388146
2015Nick Milbourne (Forth)1080108
2016Brodie Dennis (Rosebery-Toorak))1130113
2017Nick Veal (Forth)79281
2018Tristan Weeks (Wesley Vale)1128120

2009 Ladder

North West FA Wins Byes Losses Draws For Against % Pts Final Team G B Pts Team G B Pts
Motton Preston 150102617865302.54%60EliminationSpreyton2618174West Ulverstone6945
Wesley Vale 1402028101081259.94%56QualifyingWesley Vale101272Turners Beach81260
Turners Beach 1204024501120218.75%481st SemiSpreyton257157Turners Beach209129
Spreyton 1105025161275197.33%442nd SemiMotton Preston1718120Wesley Vale10666
West Ulverstone 70901580226669.73%28PreliminaryWesley Vale1716118Spreyton101474
East Ulverstone601001282200763.88%24GrandWesley Vale1611107Motton Preston121082

2010 Ladder

North West FA Wins Byes Losses Draws For Against % Pts Final Team G B Pts Team G B Pts
Motton Preston 162002126711299.02%64EliminationForth1416100East Ulverstone141599
Turners Beach 1125020091186169.39%44QualifyingTurners Beach91367Spreyton1912126
Spreyton 1125018001194150.75%441st SemiTurners Beach1911125Forth131189
Forth 828017841402127.25%322nd SemiMotton Preston208128Spreyton111177
East Ulverstone 828015191290117.75%32PreliminaryTurners Beach91569Spreyton5838
West Ulverstone828018321585115.58%32GrandMotton Preston1712114Turners Beach101171
Wesley Vale0216034535299.78%0

2011 Ladder

North West FA Wins Byes Losses Draws For Against % Pts Final Team G B Pts Team G B Pts
Motton Preston 160002579734351.36%64EliminationForth1810118East Ulverstone1513103
Spreyton 1303021961130194.34%52QualifyingSpreyton2318156Turners Beach9761
Turners Beach 1006020001252159.74%401st SemiTurners Beach121486Forth7446
Forth 808017311674103.41%322nd SemiMotton Preston2715177Spreyton101070
East Ulverstone 80801440156392.13%32PreliminarySpreyton1715117Turners Beach14993
Rosebery/Toorak60911238198762.30%26GrandSpreyton111884Motton Preston9761
Wesley Vale601001538210972.93%24
West Ulverstone001601071305135.10%0

2012 Ladder

North West FA Wins Byes Losses Draws For Against % Pts Final Team G B Pts Team G B Pts
Motton Preston 1501023901005237.81%60EliminationForth1710112Spreyton1510100
Sheffield 1204023441059221.34%48QualifyingEast Ulverstone2111137Sheffield1821129
East Ulverstone 1204020201144176.57%481st SemiSheffield2010130Forth41539
Spreyton 1006021151269166.67%402nd SemiMotton Preston1716118East Ulverstone8755
Forth 709017521400125.14%28PreliminarySheffield1715117East Ulverstone15999
Wesley Vale709016981426119.07%28GrandMotton Preston91165Sheffield5434
West Ulverstone201401141254544.83%8
Turners Beach0016031441827.51%0

2013 Ladder

North West FA Wins Byes Losses Draws For Against % Pts Final Team G B Pts Team G B Pts
Motton Preston 150102496774322.48%60EliminationRosebery Toorak71052Forth51545
Sheffield 1204026671143233.33%48QualifyingSheffield2320158Wesley Vale71254
Wesley Vale 1105022991082212.48%441st SemiRosebery Toorak1616112Wesley Vale13684
Forth 1105022511317170.92%442nd SemiMotton Preston1823131Sheffield9458
Rosebery/Toorak 907016051266126.78%36PreliminarySheffield1613109Rosebery Toorak121890
East Ulverstone70901306165778.82%28GrandMotton Preston1416100Sheffield5737
Turners Beach501101525192679.18%20
West Ulverstone20140937267934.98%8

2014 Ladder

North West FA Wins Byes Losses Draws For Against % Pts Final Team G B Pts Team G B Pts
Turners Beach 140202463856287.73%56EliminationForth2416160Rosebery Toorak141599
Sheffield 1402030391106274.77%56QualifyingMotton Preston1610106Sheffield1416100
Motton Preston 1402023541062221.66%561st SemiSheffield1818126Forth8957
Forth 907022711108204.96%362nd SemiTurners Beach1515105Motton Preston1510100
Rosebery/Toorak 80801587162897.48%32PreliminaryMotton Preston1714116Sheffield13583
Wesley Vale70901644180591.08%28GrandTurners Beach121486Motton Preston81058
East Ulverstone40120963228342.18%16
West Ulverstone201401053302334.83%8


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