North Vietnam national football team

The North Vietnam national football team was the national team of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (commonly known as North Vietnam). After the partition of Vietnam in 1954, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in the North and the Republic of Vietnam in the South established separate national football teams. While the South Vietnamese team participated in FIFA World Cup qualification and the AFC Asian Cup finals, the North Vietnamese team did not join FIFA (mostly due to the political isolation and lack of diplomatic recognition of North Vietnam on the part of many other states) and mostly played against other Communist and Communist-sympathizing countries.[1]

North Vietnam
Home stadiumVarious
First international
 China PR 5–3 North Vietnam
(China, 4 October 1956)
Last international
North Vietnam 2–1 Cuba 
(North Vietnam, 20 September 1970)
Biggest win
North Vietnam 9–0 North Yemen 
(Khmer Republic; 15 November 1966)
Biggest defeat
North Vietnam 0–5 Algeria
(North Vietnam, 22 November 1959)
 North Korea 5–0 North Vietnam
(North Korea, 22 October 1959)

The North Vietnam football team participated in both editions of the Games of the New Emerging Forces (GANEFO), finishing fourth in 1963, and third in 1966. It also earned third place in the football-only GANEFO event that took place in 1965.[2]

After North and South Vietnam merged into the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1975, the new state apparently inherited South Vietnam's place in FIFA and the AFC. Vietnam, however, did not enter any more football tournaments until the 1991 Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines. Some football record agencies count the South Vietnam matches as part of the all-time record of the Vietnam national team, while considering North Vietnam to be a separate team for statistical purposes.[3]

World Cup record

Asian Cup record

Selected international opponents

Based on North Vietnam statistics

Opponents Matches Win Draw Loss GF GA
 China PR615917
 North Korea66217
 North Yemen1190

All-time Records

Date Opponent Score Venue
4 October 1956  China PR 3–5 China
10 October 1956  North Korea 0–3 China
22 October 1959  North Korea 0–5 North Korea
28 October 1959  China PR 0–2 North Korea
22 November 1959  Algeria 0–5 North Vietnam
3 October 1960 People's Republic of Mongolia 3–1 North Vietnam
8 October 1960  North Korea 1–3 North Vietnam
11 October 1960  China PR 3–4 North Vietnam
April 1963  China PR 0–1 Indonesia
April 1963  Cambodia 3–2 Indonesia
April 1963  Indonesia 1–3 Indonesia
November 1963  United Arab Republic 1–4 Indonesia
November 1963 Kingdom of Laos 9–1 Indonesia
November 1963  North Korea 0–2 Indonesia
August 1965  North Korea 0–1 North Korea
August 1965  China PR 3–3 North Korea
August 1965  Guinea 2–1 North Korea
August 1965  Indonesia 1–2 North Korea
August 1965  Cambodia 1–1 North Korea
1966  North Korea 1–3 Cambodia
1966  China PR 0–2 Cambodia
1966  Cambodia 2–2 Cambodia
1966  Palestine 4–0 Cambodia
15 November 1966  North Yemen 9–0 Cambodia
20 September 1970  Cuba 2–1 North Vietnam

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