North Louisiana Historical Association

The North Louisiana Historical Association was organized in 1952 to in its own words "encourage an appreciation and understanding of the history of North Louisiana."[1]


The association was organized in 1952 by D. H. Perkins and A. W. Shaw in a meeting held at Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana.[2] Another founding member was W. Darrell Overdyke, a Centenary history professor known for his specialization on antebellum homes and the Know Nothing political party in the American South.[3] The organization awards the Overdyke Awards in memory of Overdyke for the best research paper published by the journal.[4][5] The organization publishes North Louisiana History to "encourage an appreciation and understanding of the history of North Louisiana."[6][7] One of the officers of the corporation is the editor, whose duties include soliciting articles for inclusion in the journal and editing those articles for clarity and accuracy.[7] NLHA designated the Noel Memorial Library at Louisiana State University in Shreveport as its records repository.[7]

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