North Berks Football League

The North Berks Football League is a football competition in England. The league was founded in 1908. It has a total of five divisions, with Division One sitting at level 12 of the English football league system. The vast majority of clubs are based in the administrative county of Oxfordshire but most are within the boundaries of the historic county of Berkshire.

North Berks Football League
Number of teams59
Feeder toHellenic League
Current championsKintbury Rangers (2013–14)
WebsiteOfficial website

For the 2014–15 season there are currently 12 clubs competing in Division One.

2015–16 Members

Division One

Division Two

  • Burghclere
  • Faringdon Town Reserves
  • Hanney United
  • Kintbury Rangers Reserves
  • Marcham
  • Stanford-in-the-Vale
  • Steventon
  • Sutton Courtenay
  • Turnpike Sports
  • Watlington Town
  • Westminster

Division Three

  • Benson Lions
  • Compton
  • Dorchester Reserves
  • Grove Rangers
  • Harwell Village
  • Hungerford Town Swifts
  • Newbury Reserves
  • North Oxford
  • Saxton Rovers Reserves
  • Uffington United
  • Union Street

Division Four

  • Abingdon Town Reserves
  • Berinsfield Reserves
  • Blewbury
  • Drayton Reserves
  • East Hendred Reserves
  • Faringdon Town 'A'
  • Hagbourne United
  • Harwell and Appleford
  • Lambourn Sports Reserves
  • Long Wittenham Athletic Reserves
  • Stanford-in-the-Vale Reserves
  • Wallingford Town Reserves

Division Five

  • Burghclere Reserves
  • Didcot Eagles
  • Grove Rangers Reserves
  • Hagbourne United Reserves
  • Hanney Club
  • Hungerford Town Swifts Reserves
  • Marcham Reserves
  • North Oxford Reserves
  • Steventon Reserves
  • Sutton Courtenay Reserves
  • Uffington United Reserves
  • Wallingford Town 'A'
  • Watlington Town Reserves

List of Champions since 1970

SeasonDivision One winners
1970–71Harwell Village
1972–73Great Shefford
1977–78Kintbury Rangers
1978–79Faringdon Town
1979–80Harwell Village
1981–82Kintbury Rangers
1983–84Childrey United
1984–85Saxton Rovers
1985–86Milton United
1986–87Saxton Rovers
1987–88Milton United
1988–89Milton United
1990–91Saxton Rovers
1991–92Saxton Rovers
1992–93Harwell Village
1993–94Saxton Rovers
1994–95Harwell Village
1995–96Saxton Rovers
1998–99Saxton Rovers
1999–2000Saxton Rovers
2001–02Kintbury Rangers
2002–03Kintbury Rangers
2003–04Kintbury Rangers
2005–06Lambourn Sports
2006–07Ardington & Lockinge
2007–08Lambourn Sports
2008–09Saxton Rovers
2009–10Saxton Rovers
2010–11Lambourn Sports
2011–12Crowmarsh Gifford
2012–13Saxton Rovers
2013–14Kintbury Rangers
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