North Bay Nugget

The North Bay Nugget is a newspaper publishing a print edition Tuesday through Saturday, accompanied by an online digital presence, in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. The paper is currently owned by Postmedia.[2]

North Bay Nugget
TypeDaily newspaper
PublisherDan Johnson
Headquarters259 Worthington Street
North Bay, Ontario
P1B 8J6
Circulation11,505 weekdays
12,127 Saturdays in 2011[1]

The paper was launched in 1907 as the Cobalt Nugget, during the silver boom at Cobalt, Ontario.[3] It was acquired by businessmen Harry Browning and W. G. Ferguson within a few months.[4] Initially a weekly, it was expanded into a daily paper in 1909,[4] and Browning was a founding member of Canadian Press when that cooperative was founded in 1917.[4] Following the end of the Cobalt boom, Browning moved the paper to North Bay in 1921;[4] he then sold it to W. E. Mason, the owner of the Sudbury Star, in 1922, and moved to Sudbury in 1927 to become managing editor of the Star.[4] Mason remained the Nugget's owner until his death in 1948,[5] following which an employee buyout purchased it from his estate.[6] It was acquired by Southam Newspapers in 1956.[7]

Southam acquired the Thomson Newspapers chain in 1996, reuniting the Nugget and the Star under common ownership.[8] The papers were both sold to Osprey Media in 2001,[9] and to Sun Media in 2007.[10] In 2015, Postmedia acquired Sun Media.[11]

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