North & South Esk Regional High School

North & South Esk Regional High School is one of five public, English language high schools in the Miramichi Area. and is located in Sunny Corner, New Brunswick. It serves principally residents from Sunny Corner, Red Bank, Sevogle, Sillikers, and Cassilis. The school serves grades 7 to 12. Graduating class sizes range from the opening year (1952) of 5 students, to 70+ students in the 1970s. It currently has around 250 students.[3]

North & South Esk Regional High School
40 North West Rd.

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Coordinates46.9492°N 65.8167°W / 46.9492; -65.8167
School typehigh school
School districtAnglophone North[1]
SuperintendentBeth Stymiest[2]
PrincipalDean Mutch
Colour(s)     Maroon
Team nameCobra's

Notable Events

In 2012 after being principal for less than a year Kirk Matheson was arrested after pleading guilty to sex crimes involving children. Kirk, 37, was the principal and volleyball coach at North and South Esk Regional High School in Sunny Corner when he posed as a 19-year-old woman (Jillian) on Facebook and enticed two boys to send him nude photos and video of themselves.[4]


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