Norrländska Mästerskapet

Norrländska Mästerskapet was a Swedish football cup held to decide the Champions of Norrland. As teams from a large part of northern Sweden, approximately above the province of Medelpad, were not allowed to play in the Swedish league system until the 195253 season, the best team from the region was instead decided by this tournament, which was played between 1925 and 1953.

Previous winners

1925Strands IF (1)Bodens BK
1926Bodens BK (1)IFK Östersund
1927Söderhamns Skärgårds IF (1)IFK Östersund
1928Bodens BK (2)GIF Sundsvall
1929Bodens BK (3)Norrbyskärs GIK
193031No competition
1932Malmbergets AIF (1)Ljusne AIK
193335No competition
1936Bodens BK (4)Kubikenborgs IF
1937Bodens BK (5)Sandviks IK
1938Bodens BK (6)Kramfors IF
1939Domsjö IF (1)Bodens BK
1940No competition
1941Bodens BK (7)IF Älgarna
1942GIF Sundsvall (1)IFK Holmsund
1943IF Friska Viljor (1)IFK Holmsund
1944Bodens BK (8)Sävenäs/Rönnskärs IF
194546No competition
1947Ljusne AIK (1)Skellefteå AIK
1948IFK Holmsund (1)Fagerviks GF
1949IFK Östersund (1)Bodens BK
1950Skellefteå AIK (1)Ljusdals IF
1951Skellefteå AIK (2)GIF Sundsvall
1952Lycksele IF (1)IF Älgarna
1953Fagerviks GF (1)Lycksele IF

Cup champions

8Bodens BK
2Skellefteå AIK
1Domsjö IF
1Fagerviks GF
1IF Friska Viljor
1IFK Holmsund
1Ljusne AIK
1Lycksele IF
1Malmbergets AIF
1Strands IF
1GIF Sundsvall
1Söderhamns Skärgårds IF
1IFK Östersund
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