Norinco Type 86S

The Norinco Type 86S (Chinese: 86S自动步枪; pinyin: 86S; literally: '86S Assault Rifle') is an AKM-type bullpup rifle and that was produced by Norinco. It operates the same way as other AKM-type rifles with a few exceptions. Many major parts are interchangeable with other standard Kalashnikov rifles.[2]

Norinco Type 86S
The Norinco Type 86S
TypeBullpup assault Rifle
Place of originChina
Production history
No. built2000
Mass3.59 kg (empty)
Length667 mm
Barrel length438 mm

ActionGas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire600 rounds/min[1]
Muzzle velocity710 m/s[1]
Effective firing range300 m
Maximum firing range400 m[1]
Feed system30-round detachable box magazine
SightsOpen, Iron sight

The Type 86S was marketed to places where owning a SBR-type weapon is not permitted by laws.[3]


The Type 86S design departs from the usual AK-47 in several ways. The trigger-sear-hammer group is housed in a rear extension of the receiver, well behind the pistol grip. The operating mechanism is exactly the same as in the standard AK-47/AKM, with the exception of a connecting rod between the trigger and sear. The weapon itself is built based on the Type 56.[4]

The selector switch/safety is quite different from the sheet metal lever found on the standard AK-47/AKM. The Type 86S selector/safety is thumb-shaped and located on the right side of the receiver, directly above the pistol grip.[3]

The carrying handle has integral sights built in, which was based on the FAMAS rifles.[5] A bayonet can also be attached underneath the barrel.

A vertical, spring-loaded, plastic folding fore grip is mounted on the front of the receiver.[5] When not in use, it folds forward beneath the barrel.[5] The magazine well is located to the rear of the pistol grip and will accept 10-, 20-, and 30-round magazines[4] as well as drum magazines.[5] The rear sight is an aperture/peep sight mounted on a cam.

Turning the adjustment knob sets the rear sight for 100-, 200-, or 300-meter ranges. Both the front and rear sight are mounted on the combination gas tube and hand guard which clamps tightly onto the receiver.


The Type 86S was once imported to the United States by China Sports (the company's import/export arm in that country), intended for the civilian market.[3] Fewer than 2,000 Type 86S rifles were imported into the US during the late 1980s before being banned from further importation due to an Executive order issued by George H.W. Bush.[6]

Production of assault weapons domestically was banned for 10 years in accordance with the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act bill, passed on September 13, 1994.[7][8]


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