Norgate shopping centre

Norgate shopping centre (French: Galeries Norgate) is a strip mall built in 1949, in the then-suburb of Saint-Laurent, Quebec, now the Saint-Laurent borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Norgate was the first shopping mall in Canada.[1] The first covered mall, the Park Royal Shopping Centre, was built a year later in 1950 in West Vancouver. Norgate was built by the developer Maxwell Cummings. It is believed that the mall was financed and owned by the Lupovich family of Montreal. The late Moe and Sam Lupovich were successful owners of the Ideal Dress Company in Montreal. They were leaders in Canada's garment industry. The mall continues to be owned by the family to this day.

On 10 March 2008, the anchor tenant, Provigo supermarket, suffered a partial roof collapse due to the weight of snow from the intense snowfall occurring from 8 March through 10 March.[2]

Panoramic view of the Norgate shopping centre, looking eastward from the west side of Decarie Boulevard. From left to right: Tim Hortons, Pizza Planete, Photo Norgate, Safir Bakery (now defunct), Clinique Physio R.P.G., RBC Groupe Financier, Fredco Shoes, old shops, grocery store, Buanderie Hi-Tec, Le SuperClub Vidéotron, Poissonnerie Norgate, Voyages Décarie, Bangkok Express, Centre Médical Cité Santé Saint-Laurent, Restaurant Zouki's (now defunct), Provigo, Excel Personnel, BaoTax Accountant, Pharmaprix, and a driving school.

The Shopping Centre

The shopping centre is L-shaped, fronting the street at the bottom of the L and its related short-side. The back and front of the L open onto parking lots. The mall was designed by architect Max Kalman.

Norgate is located between Décarie Boulevard and Saint-Germain Street as well as between rue Rochon and Côte-Vertu Boulevard fr:Boulevard de la Côte-Vertu. The bottom of the L coincides with rue Rochon, the short side of the bottom and the long leg of the L correspond with Décarie. The long part of the L sits in the middle of the parking lot, with loading docks along the back, and parking spaces all around, running parallel to Decarie. De la Côte-Vertu Boulevard

Across Décarie Boulevard from Norgate lies the Côte-Vertu Metro station and the Terminus Côte-Vertu Nord.[3]

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