Norah Gorsen

Norah Gorsen (born 1932) is a retired British actress.[1]

Gorsen was born in Dorset. She had several roles on film and television, including the movies Those People Next Door and Personal Affair (both 1953). On TV, her appearances included Beth in the BBC's 1950 version of Little Women, and in the soap Emergency – Ward 10 in 1958. She also appeared as Lady Rowena in an episode of the 1958 TV adaption of Ivanhoe, as well as appearing in a 1956 episode of The Adventures of Sir Lancelot. However, she has not appeared in any acting role since the 1960s.

Possibly her best-known role was in the film Geordie (1955), where she played the title character's girlfriend.

She was married to the actor Ronald Lewis.[2]


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