Nora Ferrer

Nora Ferrer is a fictional character in Sine Novela's first installment of the Philippines TV show Sinasamba Kita. The character is played by Valerie Concepcion, and was played in the 1982 film by Lorna Tolentino.

Nora Ferrer
First appearanceIsang Katulong
Last appearanceAng Wakas
Portrayed byLorna Tolentino (1982)
Valerie Concepcion (2007)
FamilyCorazon (mother),
José Ferrer (father),
Divina Ferrer (step sister)

Fictional biography

Nora Ferrer is the illegitimate daughter of Corazon and Don José Ferrer. After her birth, her mother Corazon left her in Don Jose's mansion. As an adult, she enters a relationship with Jerry Sandoval who she eventually marries.

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