Noor Bukhari

Noor Bukhari (Punjabi, Urdu: نُور بُخاری) is a Pakistani former actress and television host.

Noor Bukhari
Sara Mughal Bukhari[1]

July 3,1982
Years active1999-2017
  • Vikram
    (m. 2008; div. 2010)
  • Farooq Mengal
    (m. 2010; div. 2010)
  • Awn Chaudhary
    (m. 2012; div. 2012)
  • Wali Hamid Ali Khan
    (m. 2015; div. 2017)
  • [2]

During her film career, she starred in 44 Urdu Films 20 Punjabi and 44 Pashto films.[3]


Noor began her acting career by debuting as a child star in Pakistani films in the Mid-1990s. She started out with films such as:- Pyar karan toh nai darna (1992), Uroosa (1993) and Jannat (1993). She would play childhood roles of the leading actress with likes of: Reema, Durdana Rehman, Neeli etc. Then she started her career as a lead heroine in films like Jan Jan Pakistan (1999), Mujhe Chand Chahye (2000) along with Shah Shahid, Reema Khan, Javed Sheikh, Barbara Ali, Atiqa Odho and many more. This film rose in prominence to become a Blockbuster. Then Noor starred in Ghar Kab Ao Gay (2000) with Ahsan Khan Meera, Shaan Shahid, Jawed Sheikh, Babar Ali and many more. Then she starred in many films as a lead heroine like, Aag Ka Darya (2000), Tere Pyar Mein (2000), No Paisa No Problem (2000), Wadaa (2000), Sohni Kuri (2000), Badmash (2001), Moosa Khan (2001), Billi (2001), Sangram (2001), Janwar (2001), Toofan Mail (2001), Kaun Banega Crorpati (2001), Daku (2002), Wehshi Jutt (2002), Ghazi Ilmuddin Shaheed (2002), Dosa (2003), Ultimatum (2004), Zill-e-Shah(2008) along with Shaan Shahid and Saima Noor. She left film industry and made a Blockbuster come back with Bhai Log (2011). Revenge Of Worthless (2016), Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal (2016) and her last film is Ishq Positive (2016) with Wali Hamid Ali Khan ,Saud and Faria Bukhari.

Personal life

Noor was born on 3 July 1982 in Lahore.[4]

Noor married her first husband, engineer sahib while in Dubai in early 2008. In April of that year, she moved back to Lahore, Pakistan and filed for divorce. A famous fight between her ex-husband and TV host Nadia Khan was aired on Geo TV. Noor Bukhari told Dunya News later that her husband Vikram had lied to her that he had converted to Islam prior to their marriage. She said when she realized that Vikram was still non-Muslim, she tried her best to convert him. But he refused and then she decided to file for divorce from him.[5]

She had then married film producer/director Farooq Mengal but separated from him four months later and eventually divorced him as well.[6] Then Noor Bukhari married Awn Chaudhry, the personal secretary of Cricketer-Turned Politician Imran Khan, in 2012 and this was her third marriage. They got divorced in same year. In June 2015, it was reported that she and a fellow actor Wali Hamid Ali Khan (son of renowned classical singer Hamid Ali Khan) are married now. This was her fourth marriage. Unfortunately, in March 2017 she reported in her official blog that this marriage has also failed and resulted in a divorce.[7][8]

Dedication to Islam

A few months after her divorce with her fourth husband Wali, Noor Bukhari decided to quit showbiz and has started wearing a hijab recently. She has confirmed that she no longer plans to do any movies or TV shows in the future.[9][10][11][12]


1992 Pyar Kia To Nai Darna
1993 Uroosa
1993 Jannat
1999Jaan Jaan Pakistan
2000Aag Ka Darya
2000 No Paisa No Problem
2000 Wadaa
2000Mujhe Chand Chahiye
2000Tere Pyar Mein
2000Ghar Kab Aao Gay
2000 Sohni Kuri
2001 Badmash
2001 Musa Khan
2001 Billi
2001 Sangram
2001 Meri Pukar
2001 Hukumat
2001 Ik Din Sher Da
2001 Toofan Mail
2001 Janwar
2001Kaun Banega Crorpati
2002 Badmash Tay Qanoon
2002 Daku
2002 Wehshi Jutt
2002 Ghazi Ilmudin Shaheed
2003 Dosa
2003 Sooraj Mukhi
2004 Curfew Order
2004 Ultimatum
2005 Sarkar
2006 Mahi Away Ga
2006 Zamin Kay Khuda
2007 Aaj Da Badmash
2007 Wehshi Rajput
2007 Suha Jora
2007 GodFather
2008 Zill e Shah
2008Sasural Gendha Phool
2008 Mahi Sohna
2008 Sarkari Raj
2009 Hakim Arain
2011Bhai Log
2011 Bazigar
2011 Society Girl
2014 Lafanga
2016 Zindagi Guzaro Hass Kay
2016Revenge of the Worthless
2016Ishq Positive [13]
2016Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal



  • Oper Ghori Ka Makaan (2015)
  • Salman Siddiquie Film (2016)

Drama Serials

  • Uff yeh Larkiyan (2001)
  • Mein Noor Ka Paristaar Hoon (2002)
  • Mere Angnay Mein (2008)
  • Phir Tanha (2011)
  • Meri Wife ke Liye (2016)
  • Ye Junoon (2016)
  • Kitni Girihan Baqi hai (2017)

Tv Shows

  • Pakistan Family Show (2007)
  • Colours (2007)
  • Un censoered with Noor (2019)
  • Nachley (Season 1,2,3&5 )
  • Morning With Hum (2010/2011)
  • Noor Morning (2012-2013)
  • Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain (2013-2015)
  • Ramzan A-Plus Transmission (2014)
  • City 42 Eid Transmission (2014)
  • Tea@5 With Noor (2014)
  • Samaa k Mehman (2015)
  • Good Morning Zindagi (2014-2015-2016)
  • 10th Aniversrey of Hum Masala (2016)
  • Jago Pakistan Jago (2016-2017)
  • Neo Channel Eid Transmission (2017)
  • Samaa Eid Transmission (2017)
  • Salam Zindagi as a Judje (2017)
  • Good Morning Pakistan along Nida Yasir (2017)
  • Samaa Eid Transmission (2018)


  • Leo Awards : Women Of The Year (2017)
  • Sukh Chain Club Awards : Women of The Year (2017)
  • Ippa Awards : Best Director ( Nominated )
  • 9th Pakistani Achievement Awards : Legend Award (2017)

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