Nonsberg Group

The Nonsberg Group (German: Nonsberggruppe, Italian: Alpi della Val di Non) is a mountain range in South Tyrol and Trentino in Italy and part of the Southern Limestone Alps. A large part of the Nonsberg Group is formed by the Mendelkamm. Their highest peak is the Laugenspitze (2,434 m s.l.m.). The Nonsberg Group is bounded in the east by the Etschtal, to the north by the Prissian High Forest (Ger: Prissianer Hochwald, It: Selva di Prissiano) on the Gampen Pass (It: Passo delle Palade) and in the west by the Non Valley (Ger: Nonstal, It: Val di Non).

Nonsberg Group
The twin peaks of the Laugenspitze
Highest point
Elevation2,434 m s.l.m.
Location of the Nonsberg Group within the Eastern Alps
StateSouth Tyrol and Trentino, Italy
Range coordinates46°32′05″N 11°05′09″E
Parent rangeEastern Alps


The boundary of the range according to the Alpine Club Classification of the Eastern Alps (AVE):[1]

MeranoEtschtal to MezzocoronaNoce Valley (lower Non Valley/Val di Sole) – Lago di Santa GiustinaVal di PescaraProveisLederbuchHofmahdMaraunbach to its confluence with the Valschauer BachUltentalLana – Merano

Until its reclassification in AVE 1984 this group was counted as part of the Brenta Group according to the old 1924 Moriggl Classification (ME).

Important summits

From north to south:

  • Laugenspitze (Monte Lucco, 2,434 m s.l.m.)
  • Hofbichl (Monte Salomp, 1,818 m s.l.m.)
  • Gantkofel (Monte Macaion, 1,866 m s.l.m.)
  • Penegal (1,737 m s.l.m.)
  • Roen (Monte Roen, 2,116 m s.l.m.)
  • Schönleiten (Coste Belle, 1,811 m s.l.m.)
  • Tresner Horn (Corno di Tres, 1,817 m s.l.m.)
  • Monticello (1,857 m s.l.m.)

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