Non Valley

The Non Valley (Italian: Val di Non, also Valle di Non; Nones: Val de Nòn; German: Nonstal, also Nonsberg; Latin: Anaunia) is a valley located mainly in the Trentino, with three, primarily German-speaking municipalities belonging to the province of South Tyrol (Deutschnonsberg), northern Italy.

The largest municipalities in the valley are Cles (the main town), Predaia, Ville d'Anaunia, Revò, Denno, Fondo.

There are a total of 29 municipalities:

The German-speaking Deutschnonsberg municipalities are:

The latter comune is connected to the rest of its province by the Gampenpass, while the other two are accessible through a tunnel under the Hofmahdjoch from the rest of South Tyrol since 1998.

The Nones language is named after and spoken in the valley.

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